Flat Stanley visits the Fairytale Bakery!

Over the weekend, my family received a Flat Stanley from our niece in Indianapolis to take around with us for a few days and send back to her second grade class with photos of his adventures, so naturally, I brought him to work with me yesterday. I gave him a tour, and wanted to share. 

First, we went into the kitchen, where the bakers were busily baking and wrapping gourmet brownies. He checked out some huge bags of sugar, helped clean the wrapping machine, and dove into a bin of Magic Morsels mini brownie wrappers. 

Flat Stanley at Fairytale Brownies        Flat Stanley cleaning up walnut brownies at Fairytale Brownies  

Flat Stanley checking out mini brownie wrappers at Fairytale Brownies

Next, we went into the warehouse to help out the shipping team. Flat Stanley helped pack some Fairytale Sprite Dozen gourmet brownie gifts and sent some boxes off to UPS so that lucky recipients will have brownies and cookies delivered in a few days. 

Flat Stanley packing gourmet brownie gifts at Fairytale Brownies          Flat Stanley helping send brownies at Fairytale Brownies

Finally, we visited the Fairytale Bakery retail store, where Flat Stanley helped Marlene ring up some fudgy chocolate brownies for a customer. He had a busy day, and went home very tired!

Flat Stanley at the Fairytale Brownies Bakery store

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