Follow Up - Brownies To Haiti

Recently we shared a blog post about Fairytale Brownies sending the Connecticut Air National Guard brownies (Air National Guard Blog Post) on their humanitarian rescue mission to the hardest hit part of Haiti after the devastating earthquake a few months ago. 

After we sent brownies, we were flooded with emails to our blog from soldiers who received the fudge brownies and how thankful they were to us for sending a piece of home. It literally brought tears to my eyes to think that these men and women who put their lives on the line everyday to keep us safe from harm were thanking us with such sincerity for simply sending brownies. I had to immediately do a self reality check and be extremely thankful for all of the blessings in my life.

I would like to share a bit from an email I received from one of the soldiers who received Fairytale Brownies: 

"We just received another box of the best brownies. The AIRFORCE thanks you for thinking of us. I have shared them with so many people, many whom have asked for your website to place orders when they go home ( I myself have already sent home 3 thank you packages to people who have sent me care packages from home. The word is spreading and Fairytale Brownies are getting a great reputation with all the US Troops. Many people would like to say thank you, but we have very limited computer access. I thank you on behalf of the 500 troops still stationed here with me. 

I was fortunate to visit the New Life Children's Home. It is an orphanage started by an American who has Haitian orphans and children with special needs residing on the compound. I brought donations I received in the mail from the states to the children. I also got to play, hug, and talk with the children. It was a great day Full of hope and love for all who were there. 
I got to visit with orphans who have special needs. We sat under the BIG tree that provides shade and hope. The special needs children sit under if for their own special hour during the day. It is a nice change of scenery for them. It is their time under the tree. Most of the day they watch the other children play, but the special needs children don't look sad they have the look of happiness knowing that the other children are having fun. The other children also help with the special needs children. Everyone in this home helps each other, and most of all everyone loves one another.

The beginning of this deployment to a bare base was and still is a lot of hard work. We are doing Search and Recovery/Mortuary Affairs. The work we are doing is hard, but it gives us all a sense of accomplishment knowing that the people we found are going home. Visiting the Orphanage I have a sense of hope. Seeing the children made every hard moment worth wild. The kids made me realize why I serve.


"I heard my Chief wrote to you and sent you pictures. he is a great man with a big heart. We go to the orphanage as often as we can. It really feels like we are making a difference. There are still 400 of us and more people have requested your great brownies. Thank you for everything."

As a matter of fact Chief (Jerry) did write me and shared some pictures from Haiti and their experiences there. See the awesome photo's below. 




On behalf of Fairytale Brownies, we would like to thank the Connecticut Air National Guard, Jerry and Bambi for sharing your incredible stories and these unforgettable photos.

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