3 thank you food gifts for pecan lovers

Pecan brownie giftsWant to send a thank you food gift to your accountant this month? How about the IRS? Just be sure to include pecans. After all, those IRS guys are awfully nutty and it is April. Everyone knows that April is National Pecan Month. Right?

Fairytale Brownies is your go-to gourmet gift source for pecan-packed treats. We add a layer of fresh, crunchy pecans to our Pecan Brownies and Pecan Blondie Bars. And our Caramel Pecan Cookies might be the perfect thank you gift for April because April 5 is National Caramel Day.

Courtesy of the National Pecan Shellers Association, here are some fun facts and figures about one of our favorite nuts:

  • You’d have to stack 11,624 pecans to reach the top of New York’s Empire State Building. Meanwhile, it’d take 144 million pecans to fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • Texas adopted the pecan tree as its state tree in 1919. Texas Governor James Hogg loved pecans so much that he asked for a pecan tree to be planted at his gravesite.
  • The U.S. produces about 80...
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3 Ways to Celebrate Easter with Gourmet Brownies

magic morsel easter eggsI can't believe t's almost Easter already (the first of two in my house - my husband is Greek, so in a few more weeks we'll celebrate Greek Easter, too)! I have to admit, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays as a kid. I loved hunting for eggs, LOVED marshmallow Peeps (still do), and I've always loved the idea of new beginnings. I also loved spring in the Midwest, as the ground thawed and little signs of new life and budding plants were everywhere. I don't get that part in Phoenix this time of year (it's already 90 degrees), but I do still have that sense of new beginnings. And an urge to declutter! But I digress.

One thing I have grown to love in the nearly seven years I've worked here at Fairytale Brownies is finding ways to incorporate our fudgy chocolate brownies into our Easter celebrations. Here are three ways to celebrate Easter with our gourmet brownies:

  • Purchase mail order brownies to share with family and friends who join you for your Easter festivities. We have a wide...
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Vote for Fairytale Brownies in Goldbely's "Munch Madness!"


If you haven't yet heard of Goldbely, you're missing out. Goldbely is a team of food explorers who set out to discover the most unique and delicious gourmet foods and gifts in America and make them available to you, regardless of your location! They are based out of New York, NY, but you can visit them online at https://www.goldbely.com/ and order anything from Katz's legendary Pastrami on Rye sandwich to Cafe du Monde's world famous Beignets and coffee to be delivered right to your front door.

When Goldbely approached us in 2012 and asked if Fairytale Brownies would like to partner, we jumped at the chance. To be included with iconic brands such as Zabar's and Pat LaFrieda is exciting. We're not just talking about desserts here, Goldbely includes sweets, meats, seafoods and snacks in their lineup, the delicious possibilities are endless!

During March, Goldbely is promoting a Facebook Like contest called Munch Madness, where they've taken the gourmet purveyors featured on their site,...

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Send Brownies as a Random Act of Kindness

People are busy with Valentine's Day, but did you know that February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day? This is a holiday everyone can get behind. It can be simple random acts like smiling at strangers or holding the door open for others. Other ideas include paying the tab for the person behind you in line, or volunteering your time at a food kitchen. Personally, I think it is a great day to thank those around you or to get back in touch with an old aquaitenance. So what better way to do this but with a gourmet food gift. Surprise someone with a cookie delivery, or send brownies!

Here at Fairytale Brownies we have a variety of different gourmet gifts. I recommend one of our Thank You Gifts or Thinking About You Gifts. A small gesture can go a long way, and people will really apprecite and enjoy it. So remember to incorporate random acts of kindess into your week, and even make it a year round habit. A little kindness can go a long way!  Image credit.

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Gourmet Brownies - A Great Office Food Gift!

I currently attend college at Collins College in Phoenix, and am also interning at Fairytale Brownies in the Marketing & Sales detartment. As soon as I started bringing belgian choclate brownies from Fairytale Brownies to school with me, people went crazy for them. I also work in the print center at school, where I typically see students, but more falculty and staff have been coming in. As much as I liked to say that its my winning personality, I have a suspicion that they are checking to see if I have any more gourmet brownies! Who doesn't like getting a littel treat in the middle of the work day?

Gourmet Brownies

Fairytale Brownies gourmet brownies, bars, and cookies are a great office food gift as I've seen. You'll quickly learn what a hit they can be and earn some brownie points of your own! Visit brownies.com and have brownies delivered to your office. It is especially a great time with Valentine's Day coming up, but bringing a little delicous joy to work is great anytime of the year! 

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Brownie Gift Basket for New Baby

Recently, my friend Tina became a first time mom and I wanted to send her something very special! My first thought was a basket of brownies, cookies, and bars. Afterall, I do work for Fairytale Brownies!  Brownies are such a comfort food and I thought, what mom wouldn't enjoy this kind of treat; however, Tina is also a big Pittsburgh Steeler fan! It just so happens, I was born and raised in Steeler Country and I thought to myself, this new little bundle of joy needs his own terrible towel! I sent an email to my family and friends back east and proposed a "friendly trade." The first person to respond to my request for a terrible towel will receive a gift basket of brownies, cookies, and bars from Fairytale Brownies!

It literally took less than one minute when I received a response from my friend Billie Jo saying, "I'll do it, I'll do it'! Within days, a friendly exchange went across country like two ships passing in the night; Brownie Gift Basket & Terrible Towel! Here is a picture of...

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Gourmet Gift for the Stockings Hung with care!

Belgian Chocolate Brownies slip very nicely into stockings!

Fun to share & indulge on your own! And so easy to get...

VISIT FAIRYTALE BAKERY - Visit the "brownies" baking at Fairytale Brownies Bakery and watch through the viewing windows and eat a sample while shopping. Open Saturday 8am-5pm and Christmas Eve 8am - Noon. Go to our website first to our retail page  - http://www.brownies.com/customer_service/contact_us.aspx

In our address area there is a coupon so you can get one FREE brownie or cookie; the one for your stocking!

AROUND TOWN IN PHOENIX/TUCSON - Vist AJ's Fine Foods or Whole Foods to pick up wrapped Fairytale Brownies in our most popular flavors. Then slip into stockings Chrsitmas Eve.

Brownies at AJ's, Whole Foods or Gelson's!

LOS ANGELES SHOPPERS - Those shopping in Los Angeles can pick up your Fairytale Brownies at any Gelson's Market to slip into stockings. And they are on SALE through Janaury 2 at Gelson's!

A very Merry Fairy Christmas to All and to All a Good Night!

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Let us help with Saturday's To Do List - Buy cookies, Holiday Gift basket, Brownies by Mail

Fairytale Brownies is wherever you need us for Saturday shopping, December 15!

AJ's Fine Foods on Ray & 56th St - Fairytale Brownies Demo Saturday from 11:00AM-2:00PM

You can pick up Holiday & Christmas Half-Dozens and our 9-Piece Truffles and of course Molly will have free tasting samples for you and yours!

Christmas Half-Dozens Available at AJ's!!

Not your part of town Saturday? Then you can also find Fairytale Brownies at

Downtown Scottsdale Farmer's Market Saturday from 8:00AM-1:00PM

Fairytale Brownies will be part of a fundraising Bake Sale sponsored by the LDEI Phoenix Chapter. Member Chefs and Entrepreneurs will be offering all sorts of treats including Fairytale enrobed brownies, our beloved Fairytale Truffles.

Fairytale Truffles for Christmas Gifting!

And if shopping from home Saturday, go to www.brownies.com


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Cross-Country Gourmet Brownie Gifts Buzz!

Last week, my husband, daughter and I packed up and headed east on a vacation to visit the majority of our family in 4 states (Illinois, Indiana, Connecticut and New Jersey) in one week. I wish we had hopped on a train for a moment so we could say we traveled via planes, trains and automobiles, but we didn't think about it while we were near one. Two out of three isn't bad, though. 

Most of the people we saw are family and friends who have received mail order brownies from us at some point in time, so most of them had recently received a Fairytale Brownies gourmet food gifts catalog in the mail. Nearly everyone we saw commented on the recent Winter catalog, and wanted to know how our new Fairytale Bars taste. The answer? Amazing, of course!

I now know that our families will be very happy to receive their holiday bar & brownie gifts from us next month. I can also say that I tasted a brownie from a very famous bakery in New York City, and I still think we have the best brownies around. 


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