From AZ to Minnesota and Never Forgotten

My first encounter with a Fairytale Brownie was at AJ's Fine Foods on 56th & Ray in Chandler, AZ. It was an instant hit with me as I was a huge Amaretto fan and saw your brownie display at the counter with that flavor so I purchased one and it's an impulse purchase I'll never forget. Wow, amazing, I could go on and on. Fell in love with your brownies so when I saw you were giving tours in Chandler I was so excited and totally enjoyed the experience. Of course the end of the tour was my favorite when we got to purchase our brownies to take home. Jump ahead now to 2012 and when planning my June wedding earlier this year I choose Magic Morsels as my wedding favors. The photo shows the label I attached to the back of each one saying "You helped to make our day complete, now please enjoy this little treat! Rick & Diana" Even though I moved away from Arizona to Minnesota I never forgot about my favorite Fairytale Brownies and was thrilled to share them with everyone at our wedding.

Name: Diana O.
City: Fairmont
State: MN

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