Fudgy Brownies for your "Fat Tuesday" treat!

As the Lenten season approaches, are you thinking about what you might be giving up? If so, Fat Tuesday is right around the corner, February 12th; the last day to indulge in your favorite foods before the 6 week fast! Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday" is the last day of the carnival season as it always falls the day before Ash Wednesday which also happens to be the start of Lent.

If you plan to celebrate this historical event and indulge on Fat Tuesday, look no further than fudgy, indulgent Fairytale Brownies! We have tons of sugary & buttery treats to satisfy your cravings for at least six weeks! Treats like fudgy chocolate brownies, delectably chewy cookies, and oh my goodness, our heavenly Fairytale Bars!

Do I have your attention yet? If so, check us out online at brownies.com, and we'll back your purchase with our unconditional guarantee; you will not be disappointed; it's Our One Pure Promise!

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