Fudgy, Sugar-Free Brownies to die for!


sugar free browniesSugar-free brownies from Fairytale Brownies are small, fudgy brownie bites with big flavor! Sugar-free Magic Morsels (bite-size brownies, 1.5" x 1.5") deliver all of the chocolaty fairytale quality and flavor our customers have come to expect from our gourmet brownies, but without the sugar. Our sugar-free brownies are sweetened with Maltitol, a natural sugar substitute. These tasty brownies are available in two tantalizing flavors: Sugar-free Original and Sugar-free Walnut.

Here are a couple of our most popular sugar-free brownie gift assortments for you to try:

Sugar-Free Morsel 24 $25.95Sugar Free Morsel Dozen $18.95, and here is a half Sugar-free and half regular (with sugar!) Magic Morsel gift for those who would like both: Half Sugar-Free Morsel 24 $25.95


Here are some of the comments left for us from our sugar-free brownie fans:

"I sent these to my Dad for Father's Day. He is a diabetic and loves brownies. He said they were delicious and moist, and you couldn't tell that they were sugar-free. I would definitely buy from Fairytale Brownies again! " ~ Jan, CA.

"The sugar-free brownies were given as a birthday gift to family in Michigan, and they loved them!" ~ Betty, NV"

"My wife and I were thrilled to learn that Fairytale Brownies makes sugar-free brownies. She's diabetic, and I'm trying to watch my carb intake. We can both enjoy the sugar-free morsels. And quite honestly, we think they taste better than those made with sugar; just the right sweetness. What a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and still enjoy a rich dessert!" ~ Jim, CA

"I received these as a gift and was so happy! They are delicious and fudgy. I am diabetic so it was nice to have a treat that I didn't have to feel guilty about!" ~ Ginger, GA

"Even though these brownies were sugar-free, I couldn't tell because they were SOOOOO good. In fact, too good. I finished the whole box in 2 days." ~ Brownie Lover, MS

"What a find! These are the best sugar-free brownies I have tasted (and believe me, I've tried them all). You can't go wrong with this product." ~Zoe, IL

"I sent these to a friend who lives in a nursing home. She absolutely loved them and said that they were delicious! I'll be sending these brownies to her again!" ~Loretta, KY


If you're interested, below is the nutritional information regarding our sugar-free brownies. If you have any questions, or comments, feel free to call our customer service team at 800.531-5209, or leave a comment for us below and we'll answer your question within one business day. 

sugar free brownies


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