Get crafty with Halloween themed fudgy chocolate brownies!

Halloween is my favorite holiday to get crafty. Something about creating fun and spooky decorations, costumes, and food! It is the season of tricks and treats and I found some really fun ways to get creative with those treats!

Leave the candy for the kids and create some fun, but most important, delicious sweets!  With so many ideas out there, I am going to focus on getting Halloween creative with brownies! For all of these you can bake your own, but if you want something that is guaranteed to bewitch your guests order fudgy chocolate brownies from Fairytale Brownies. I recommend purchasing your favorite flavor in bulk.

Now down to the fun part: getting creative with decorating these fudgy brownies. Check out this pin from 13 Brownie Halloween Ideas. I love the idea of using frosted pretzels to make skeleton bodies, and the Monster Face Brownies is a great craft to do with the kids!  

You can also try making Fairytale Brownies Spooky Halloween Brownies. Get creative with icing to make fun orange spider webs! This one was a huge hit at the office!

If you really just don’t have the time to get super creative with your brownies, than just serve Fairytale Brownies as they are. Baked with all natural ingredients including Callebaut Belgain dark chocolate and real creamery butter, your guests will return for seconds and thirds. I recommend going for the 36 Bulk Caramel Morsels. Bite-size and individually wrapped in purple foil, these brownies are already Halloween themed!

Feel free to share some of your favorite Halloween Treats and DIY ideas!

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