Gifts For Grads!

It's graduation time! YES!! It's hard for me to contain my excitement because I have been working on my M.S. degree for the last year. And although I am not graduating this spring, just the passing of another semester puts me that much closer to my goal! The sentiment is felt department wide (I am in the marketing department) because there are several of us who are active degree seeking students. Kari, our Marketing Coordinator is getting her MBA and finishes up this summer from the University of Phoenix. Brandie, who is on our Corporate Sales team is getting her Bachelor's Degree in Sign Language Interpretation from Phoenix College. And myself, I am at Arizona State University getting my Master's Degree in Science and Technology with emphasis in digital graphics. It's not only exciting for another semester to have passed, but to have a 3 month break is going to be so nice. Although it is HOT in the summer here in AZ, it is the perfect weather to sit by the pool and soak up that sun (with plenty of sun-screen of course)!

Getting back to the subject at hand, Graduations, do you know anybody who is graduating from High School or College? Here's a unique Congratulations gift about gourmet chocolate Fairytale Brownies? Rich fudgy chocolate brownies from Fairytale Brownie are the perfect way to say "Job Well Done!" Try this gift, the Congratulations Morsel 24 (pictured on the right). This gift comes with two dozen mini brownies (1.5" x 1.5"), 6 of each flavor (Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip and Walnut) are carefully hand packed in our classic gift box with Congratulations gift band. It's a gift they won't forget!
~ Hilary

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