Giving up chocolate? I have a solution!

Easter Cookie & Sprite ComboIt's hard to believe the Lenten season is here already, and I know many of you who celebrate Easter have given up various "vices" for 40 days. It seems some of the most common of these vices is sweets, chocolate or dessert, all of which eliminate our chewy cookies and fudgy chocolate brownies from a person's diet. Now, I would never choose to give up things like chocolate or gourmet chocolate brownies for many reasons. A big reason is that part of my job is quality control tasting, which I can't just stop doing for 40 days. Another, bigger, reason is that I'm not sure I can live without the occasional dessert. :)

But for those of you who have more willpower than I, here's a solution for giving yourself the perfect fudge brownie treat to break your fast come Easter morning. Did you know that you can order our mail order brownies now and have them ship later? It's easy, just place your order, choose for them to arrive by Easter at checkout and don't think about them again until your brownies or cookies are delivered to your doorstep just in time for you to be able to eat them. 


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