Got Belgian Chocolate Brownies?


School's out for summer! I can hear the kids in my neighborhood singing this song as today is the last day of school! This brings back fond memories for me as a child yet it used to make me cringe at the thought as a parent! These kids like to eat! The kids in my neighborhood are no exception! Something about summertime just seems to spur appetites in them! I am blessed with wonderful neighbors that like to share their kids with me for two reasons; one, I have a swimming pool and two, I always have Fudgy Chocolate Brownies! I guess you would call me the Adopt-a-Grammy since that is what the kids call me!  

It's almost time for my first of swim party of the summer! I have the rafts blown up, the volleyball net securely tied down and all of the kids favorite Belgian Chocolate Brownies in stock! Chocolate Chip is usually favored by most so I guess it's no surprise it is one of our best sellers! I will have a variety of flavors and sizes for the kids to choose from! Nothing makes me happier than to see a smile on a childs face from the simple joy of a brownie!

Got brownies? We offer bite size brownies, half size brownies, and whole size brownies! Make your kids smile with a little bit of joy this summer by sharing Fairytale Brownies; the perfect summertime snack!

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