Gourmet Brownies - A Great Office Food Gift!

I currently attend college at Collins College in Phoenix, and am also interning at Fairytale Brownies in the Marketing & Sales detartment. As soon as I started bringing belgian choclate brownies from Fairytale Brownies to school with me, people went crazy for them. I also work in the print center at school, where I typically see students, but more falculty and staff have been coming in. As much as I liked to say that its my winning personality, I have a suspicion that they are checking to see if I have any more gourmet brownies! Who doesn't like getting a littel treat in the middle of the work day?

Gourmet Brownies

Fairytale Brownies gourmet brownies, bars, and cookies are a great office food gift as I've seen. You'll quickly learn what a hit they can be and earn some brownie points of your own! Visit brownies.com and have brownies delivered to your office. It is especially a great time with Valentine's Day coming up, but bringing a little delicous joy to work is great anytime of the year! 

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