Gourmet Brownies Evoke Childhood Memories

cream cheese fairytale brownies

I grew up in a family that loved its desserts. It's a running joke that my late grandmother would have served dessert with breakfast if it were socially acceptable. If there was a meal, two things were certain: someone would forget to put the bread on the table, and there would be dessert. Our definitions of dessert varied. At lunchtime, it was likely just a cookie or, my grandpa's favorite, berries and cream. At dinner, it could be peach cobbler, ice cream, Robert Redford (to this day, I have no idea why it's called that, but it is delicious) or my personal favorite, the marble squares my mom loved to make.

Since I moved away and only get to see my mom a couple times a year, it has been a long time since I had one of her marble squares. Thankfully, a couple years ago, we decided it was time for Fairytale Brownies to add Cream Cheese brownies to our gourmet brownies flavor line-up. They're not exactly the same - Mom's are cakey, Fairytale's are fudgy - but I can now get an individually-wrapped marble brownie fix in three different sizes. I even often order brownies for my mom so she can have a treat she doesn't have to make herself. The dark chocolate and cream cheese combination in our gourmet brownie gifts reminds me of home and takes me back to summer potlucks in northern Indiana, if just for a moment. 

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