Gourmet Brownies Get The Star Treatment

Last month we completed the photo shoot for our upcoming fall catalogs.  Twice a year we take new photography for our website and catalogs - once in April or May for the fall catalogs, and once in October for the spring/summer catalogs.  Each photo shoot takes months of preparation.  It all starts with deciding on our new products for the next year.  We are always trying to create new brownie gifts for our customers.  And with the introduction of Fairytale Cookies last year, we are also creating new cookie gifts.

Once our new gifts are chosen, we work on getting prototypes made.  If it's a new flavor of fudgy chocolate brownies, then our Baking Team needs to complete test batches for the photos.  If it's new custom gift packaging, then we need to design the packaging and request handmade prototypes from the manufacturer.  All of this took place earlier in the year.  

We are excited to be introducing some great new products this fall!  Our brownies will now include two new flavors of bite-size Magic Morsels (Cream Cheese and Raspberry Swirl).  And if you want cookies delivered, you'll be able to choose two new flavors as well (Peanut Butter and Mint Chocolate)!  We'll also be introducing new gifts towers and a redesigned line of small gift favors.

The photo shoot lasted ten long days and we took about 250 new photographs that will be featured in the catalogs and on our website this fall.  We are looking forward to a busy holiday season this year and we're working hard to bring you some exciting new corporate food gifts as well as personal gifts for your friends and family.  It seems early in the year to say this, but we're already thinking about "Happy Holidays!" here at Fairytale Brownies. 

Gourmet Brownies 1

Food Stylist Kim Krejca gives tender loving care to our gourmet brownie gifts

Gourmet Brownies 2

Photographer Rick Gayle places the photo into our catalog layout to get everything just right!

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