Gourmet Brownies on Camera!

It's photo shoot time again at Fairytale Brownies! Here's a look at our gourmet brownies on set for a corporate food gifts catalog that will be in mailboxes this fall. It all starts with getting every element positioned correctly for the shot. This particular picture will be the cover of a business catalog full of great gifts for all those businesses that want to order brownies for their clients during the holidays. 

corporate food gifts catalog gourmet brownies

And here is our graphic designer, Erin, and photographer, Rick, checking out the image to see how it fits on our mail order brownie catalog cover.

mail order brownies photo shoot

We're getting close! The caramel brownie has been heated and broken so the caramel inside the fudgy brownie is nice and melty when the piece is pulled away. 

fudgy brownies delivered photo shoot

Our food stylist, Kim, adding "coffee" to the cup. Fun food styling fact: Real coffee is too oily to photograph well, so you have to fake it. Every stylist has a go-to substitute, but I'll keep Kim's secret. :)

 gourmet brownie gifts and coffee

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