Gourmet Brownies spotted everywhere!

Magic MorselsYesterday I received a text from my good friend who just happened to be at Phoenix Children's Hospital in the Dermatology clinic. With the photo attached, his text read, "As seen in the Dermatology Clinic at PCH." It makes me smile big when my friends say, "Hey, I saw Fairytale Brownies at _____" (fill in the blank). Here is the photo (at left) that my friend Judd took with his phone and sent to me. I'm not surprised that these are our Magic Morsels, 1.5" x 1.5" gourmet brownies, because they are bite-size and excellent for sending to offices or hospital staff for that perfect chocolate pick-me-up!


Last week I re-connected with an old high school friend on Facebook. She still lives in Southern California where I am from, and I have moved on to Phoenix, AZ. After she looked at my Facebook profile, she sent me a message saying, "OMG, you work for Fairytale Brownies!" As it turns out, her 10-year-old son (who is Autistic) saw our segment on Food TV's Unwrapped last year and has been asking her non-stop to try Fairytale Brownies. She was so surprised to learn that I actually work here! So, of course, I sent her and her son a little sampler of our gourmet brownies and gourmet cookies to which she replied, "Thank you so much, we love, love, love them!" Here is a picture she sent me of her son receiving the brownie gift, and one of him polishing off one!

Fairytale Brownies     Fairytale Brownies    

It's great having friends scattered all over, and I love it when they share their brownie experiences with me :). Thank you Judd and Jamie for sending me these fantastic pictures to write about! ~Hilary

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