Gourmet Cookies get Raves!

I wanted to share this GREAT review that came into our customer service department yesterday regarding our gourmet cookies.  Kevin M. from MA, says:

Gourmet Cookies"Hello - I've been buying your brownies now for a few years, and they are delicious! So now I decided to try the cookies. I ordered 2 dozen for a family brunch coming up on the 13th of March. So they come in and I look at them and think that they look ok, and that they look like any cookie I've seen in any bakery. First impression, they are not oversized and just a regular sized cookie. So I figured I would try one before I plate them for my brunch next week. I take the Coconut Chocolate cookie to give it a try. OMG! I've NEVER had a cookie like that before. You could taste every ingredient in the cookie. The coconut tasted like you took a piece out of the shell for me to eat and the chocolate was sinfully delicious! I truly treasured it. Then, I took another flavor to work and gave one to a friend and she said it was the best. Then, my wife came home from work and she tried one and said the same. So out of 2 dozen cookies, I now have one dozen left. My family brunch on the 13th might not get the chance to try them at this rate. They may just be for us - maybe next months brunch! Keep up the same quality. We love them!"

We love getting feedback like this on both our gourmet brownies and our gourmet cookies! We go through a very long and painstaking research and development process to make sure that each gourmet treat we make includes premium ingredients, has an excellent taste and the exudes the utmost quality. Do you have any feedback for us on any of our brownie gifts or cookie gifts you'd like to share, you can visit our website, brownies.com or click here. Looking forward to your feedback! 

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