Great Office Treat for a Monday

One of my co-workers here at Swanson Health Products ( received a package today from one of our partners. To everyone’s pleasant surprise, it was a box of Fairytale Brownies! We were even more pleasantly surprised to find that it was a brownie sampler box, Fairytale Brownies Giftfilled with not just your standard chocolate brownies, but brownies of every flavor, including my favorite peanut butter. There were two sizes, which was nice to have a choice of whether to just have a little taste or indulge in a regular size bar. They didn’t last long, but I did manage to get a quick picture of my co-worker Ben with the brownie gift box...before everyone cleared it out. Thanks for an awesome Monday treat! 

Here’s what a few other people around the office had to say:

“Um, yeah, they are getting all my Mother’s Day business. I’m serious.” ~Cathleen

“I couldn’t believe all the flavors to choose from! I ended up with the Chocolate Chip one and it was OMG good.” ~Rachel

“Even though I just came back from the gym, I had to try one. Then I ended up with 2. They successfully ruined my will-power. Deliciously ruined.” ~Ben

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City: Fargo
State: ND

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