Happy Anniversary -- Celebrate with Brownie Gifts

Happy Anniversary Brownie GiftsLast week, my husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary; it's hard to believe it's been 5-years already. Seems like yesterday we were exchanging our vows and getting ready to start life as a married couple. Since we JUST bought a house last month, and we're still in the midst of unpacking, we decided to play our anniversary low key this year. Exchange small gifts, and the traditional celebration dinner.

I didn't hold up my end of the bargain on the small gift thing. My 'small' gift entailed of going to the nursery and buying him a new Citrus tree for the yard as well as a Rosemary plant for the deck. I also sent a Happy Anniversary Fairytale Brownies gift (Happy Anniversary Sprite Dozen) to his work. He is a choco-holic like myself, so he looks forward to the occasional brownie gift in the mail (I've cut down on bringing brownies home!). But we allow ourselves the occasional indulgence of gourmet treats when it's a special occasion.

Fairytale Brownies Happy Anniversary Gifts  are not limited to Wedding Anniversaries. It could be a work Anniversary, or really any occasion you might celebrate on an annual basis. A brownie delivery is the perfect was to kick start any special occasion.

For the Anniversary dinner, we went to The Melting Pot in Ahwatukee. Normally we would go to The Chart House for our Anniversary, but we wanted to try something different this year. We had a delicious meal, but the best part of the meal was the Chocolate Fondue for dessert. . . . YUMM. The dippings for the chocolate fondue (dark chocolate and 151 Rum, flambéed) included chocolate brownies (chocolate on chocolate -- HELLO!!) and other sweet treats. We walked out totally stuffed, but oh-so-happy! Below is a picture from our celebration dinner :)  ~Hilary

Hilary an Jeff

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