Happy birthday to a gourmet brownie inspiration

Today marks an important anniversary for a staple of many people’s pre-office morning routines and one of our most popular gourmet brownie flavors. espresso nib gourmet brownie

On this day, we celebrate the birthday of Angelo Moriondo. Who? Born on June 6, 1851 in Turin, Italy, Moriondo is considered by many (including Wikipedia) to have invented the world’s first espresso machine to serve the eye-opening beverage to guests in his hotel.

Considering the staying power of the espresso machine, it’s surprising that the invention only received a bronze medal when presented at the General Expo of Turin in 1884. (We’d love to see the gold and silver medalists!) Nonetheless, Moriondo was given a patent for a “new steam machinery for the economic and instantaneous confection of coffee beverage.”

There’s no doubt that espresso makes a tasty morning beverage. It also makes a tasty gourmet brownie. Our Espresso Nib Brownies and Espresso Nib Sprites are filled with a rich espresso flavor and sprinkled with crushed cocoa nibs

And they’re diverse, as one Fairtyale Brownies client from Phoenix discovered after she purchased them for her office. She wrote, “I saved a couple of leftovers from an office event, froze them for a week, and then defrosted and dressed them up for family dessert after a holiday dinner!”

Way to go! Now that’s ingenuity that even birthday boy Angelo Moriondo would appreciate.

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