Hats off to Administrative Professionals with Fairytale Brownies' gifts

Administrative Assistants wear many hats in an organization. They plan, organize, schedule and manage. They are helpers, communicators, and the "go-to" persons when no one else knows the answer.

Below are three gift suggestions for the “multiple hatted” Admin in your office:

  • The firefighter - This person remains calm during any crisis. Armed with communication and negotiation skills, fires are doused before anyone even knows they were started. The firefighter deserves a no-nonsense Admin Day Dozen - 12 different flavors of individually wrapped 3" x 3" fudgy brownies. Individual flavors represent individual fires extinguished.


  • The gatekeeper - Aggressive salespeople won't make headway with this Admin. The gatekeeper knows a line of doo-doo when it's told, so be honest and to the point. A good gatekeeper will hold the door open or point you in the right direction.  Gift for the Gatekeeper: An Admin Day Sprite Dozen. The snack-sized treats are delicious, of course, but the gatekeeper also will find a use for the elegant purple treasure box in which the Sprites are nestled.


  • The juggler - This person can multi-task to the extreme and maintain a calmness that defies common sense. Scheduling flights for a conference, while preparing a presentation, organizing a company event and fielding client calls... A variety of duties calls for a variety of treats. Send the Juggler a Classic Tower.

Administrative Professionals Day is April 24.





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