Have coconut cookies delivered for World Coconut Day

coconut walnut cookieIn the United States, September 2 is Labor Day. Around the world, as decreed by the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC), September 2 is World Coconut Day.

At Fairytale Brownies, we’re OK with doubling down on our holidays. After all, we love coconut! You can have Coconut Walnut Cookies delivered that include toasty walnuts, sweet coconut flakes, and rich chocolate cocoa form a blend of flavors with a velvety smooth finish.      

In honor of World Coconut Day and courtesy of the APCC, here are four juicy facts about the coconut:

  • The APCC’s 18 member countries produce over 90% of the world’s coconuts. Members include Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Samoa, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  • Coconuts are not really nuts. They are drupes. Drupes are fleshy fruits with a central stone that houses the seed. Young coconuts are used as fruits. Mature coconuts are used as seeds.
  • Nobody knows exactly when the first coconut popped out from a palm tree, but specialists say that the oldest coconut fossils were found up to 55 million years ago in Australia and India.
  • Comfortably growing along the coast between 26 degrees north and 26 degrees south of the equator, they serve as a dietary staple for nearly a third of the world's population.

You can get just a taste of coconut with our 6 Cookie Favor cookie basket that includes one Coconut Walnut Cookie. The other cookies delivered in the package are Toffee Chocolate Chip, Caramel Pecan, Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate, and Double Chocolate.  

If you love coconuts, like, really love coconuts, we also deliver 24 Coconut Walnut Cookies in a single cookie basket. Try some today!

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