Holy Toledo, Batman!

I am planning a trip to Ohio next week to celebrate the wedding of my nephew Dominic and his fiance, Camie. Holy Toledo, here I come!!!  I am looking forward to a week filled with family, friends, and cooler temperatures! Growing up in Ohio and now living in Arizona makes me long for the beautiful fall foliage of bright yellows, robust reds, and deep oranges! Oh, the beauty of O-H-I-O! Not to mention Buckeye football and the best Italian food you can find...anywhere! Ah, nothing like comfort foods from home! 

In return for the beautiful scenery, hospitality, & great food,  I will share Fudgy Chocolate Brownies and Fairytale Cookies with my family and friends! I have a VERY big family so I have to pack lots of Gourmet Brownie Gifts to satisfy them all! (BTW, my dancing shoes are packed as well!!) 


I'm getting so excited to celebrate the special day of Dom & Camie; here is a pre-wedding photo of the gorgeous couple.


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