Ice Box brownie cake

Have you ever made an Ice box cake? It's quite easy and even more tasty especially if you're working with Farytale Brownies instead of the plain chocolate cookies. It only requires making a fresh whipped cream with no sugar or vanilla added and slicing the brownies to make the "cookie" portions.

I found it better to flatten out the portions so that it is more "cookie" than "cake".

You are taking the slices and putting the whipped cream in between making this into a loaf shape. Keep doing that and then cover the top and sides with the whipped cream. You won't need to add sugar as the brownie are sweet enough.

You then take the "loaf" and place it into your freezer for about 4 hours. You may want to put waxed paper around it and don't forget to put the whole thing on a plate and
not a loaf tin.

Slice and serve!

Name: Merle E.
City: Woodhaven
State: New York

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