In college football, the best cookies land the best players

For diehard college football fans, the season doesn’t end with the bowl games. It extends into February.caramel pecan cookie gifts

That’s when high school seniors announce which university they’ll play football for in the fall. Recruiting is a big business in college football – and it trickles all the way down into the world of desserts.

ESPN’s Jeremy Crabtree recently reported on a trend of cookie gifts playing a vital role in the wooing of high school football players.

"Kids get fired up by the funniest things," Florida Atlantic University assistant coach Nick Caley told ESPN. "I know we've stepped up our cookie game here at FAU. We now have cookie cakes for the kids that are the thickness of a brownie."

The tactic doesn’t always pay off. We wrote in September about a cookie gift controversy at the University of South Carolina, which reported seven NCAA rules infractions including one related to “impermissible iced decorations on a cookie cake” given to high school recruits.

We think the tactic is more likely to pay off when you give cookie gifts from Fairytale Brownies. After all, the best cookies should land the best players. Right?

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