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March 10, 2014

I have many hostess friends out there, that just love throwing parties and get togethers. It is just so fun to bring friends and family together, and to remember the important things in life.

Of course, we like to show off a bit and get creative as well, especially with food! I know people who have put out quite and impressive spread at their parties, sometimes they cook it themselves, but other times they either don't have the time or prefer to serve something they know will be a hit. Like Belgian Chocolate Brownies, moist cookies, and chewy bars from Fairytale Brownies.

You're guests will not be able to resist our amazingly delicious gourmet treats! We have a lot of different options to choose from! I will layout some of my top suggestions!

Crowd Pleasers

These assortments are large enough to go around and you can choose whether you want just brownies, or an assortment with cookies and bars as well.

I suggest the Giant Cookie & Sprite Combo. 48 snack-size Fairytale Sprites are paired with 36 Fairytale Cookies. There is something for everyone here! The hardest part will be choosing a favorite flavor!


Custom Photo Gifts

These gifts are all about personalization. Send your guests home with gourmet treats packed inside an elegant box with your own personal photo printed right on the lid. I recommend the Photo 4-Sprite Favor, it has a good sample of our most popular brownie flavors.


Custom Logo Gifts

This is a great for company parties! Make a fresh-baked statement with gourmet brownies tucked inside a gift box featuring your full-colored logo. I recommend the Custom 8-Sprite Favor. Your company or brand will be remembered with this stand out gift!


Desserts in Bulk

I recommend this for those who know the flavors they like and want to stick with them, or if you are having a themed party.

For St Patrick's Day coming up, you may want to order Bulk Mint Chocolate Brownies. Or maybe you are like me and love the Raspberry Swirl Brownies and want to get your friends addicted too!

With Bulk you are able to order larger quantities of a single flavor, but at a cheaper price.


So before your next party, make sure to get visit and order your gourmet brownies, cookies, and bars. Your brownie delivery will be on its way while you focus on everything else to prepare for an awesome shindig!

Giant cookie and sprite combo gift Custom 8-sprite favor gift


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