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March 17, 2014

It is almost Spring time! The weather warms up and the plants are in bloom. It is time to get outside and enjoy it! One way to enjoy the great outdoors is with a picnic! Taking time to relax and enjoy your beautiful surroundings, while feasting on some delicious food! What could be better? Of course, make sure you bring fudgy chocolate brownies from Fairytale Brownies for dessert. 

Picnics are really all about three things: choosing the right location, bringing the right supplies, and preparing a delicious menu. It is really up to you to create a great picnic, so here are some tips!

Location. Choosing where you picnic is really half the fun. Choose a place with beautiful scenery that appeals to all your senses. You can search online for picnic spots in your area or maybe you prefer something as simple as your backyard. It is really up to you. Check out Travel and Leisure's article on America's Best Picnic Spots for inspiration. 

Supplies. Once you have your location chosen, you can start planning what essentials you will need to bring. The first thing to consider is food transportation and storage. If you have perishable items that need to be kept cool, make sure you bring a cooler stocked with ice or ice packs. I also recommend investing in a picnic basket set. This way, you will always have a set of dishes and utensils that store securely right in the basket. Next is comfort. Check whether your picnic area has tables or if you will need to bring a blanket along. I recommend bringing linens either way, so you will have something nice to spread out on. I also suggest bringing pillows and folding chairs.

Menu. We all have personal preferences when it comes to food, so what you pack to eat really depends on your taste. Check out TLC's Top 10 Picnic Foods for some ideas. However, when it comes to dessert, my recommendation is fudgy chocolate brownies. Each Fairytale Brownie is individually wrapped for freshness which makes it a really convenient treat for a picnic. Easy travel and cleanup but with that fresh-baked, all natural taste that is perfect for enjoying outdoors. If you are picnicking with a group I recommend ordering the Spring Sprite 24. Two of each flavor of gourmet brownies means everyone can indulge in their favorite, and the cheerful Happy Spring Band will get everyone in the carefree mood of Spring! Happy Picnicking everyone!

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