It was a playful day at Fairytale Brownies

mafiaFairytale Brownies turned tropical today at our summer company party. Yes, it's still spring elsewhere in the country, but in Arizona the temperatures are in the 90s and 100s right now so it's SUMMER here.

Everyone was asked to wear a Hawaiian shirt or something "tropical" in keeping with our beach theme.

We all received leis, a beach ball, a squirt gun and a new Fairytale Brownies t-shirt with the FTB logo on the front, and "The Best Fairytales End in Chocolate" written on the back. 


davidDavid was in charge of grilling the burgers and dogs. Don't you like his Hawaiian apron? It was a gift from our friends at KaBOOM! after they built a playground in Hawaii.

While we waited for the food to grill, we started our Tricycle Races.


The competition was fierce.


After several rounds of elimination, the two finalists were Michelle Kerpan in Accounting and Hunter Kreie in IT. The finish was very close, but Hunter was the winner.

upstairsWe also played a few rounds of Tug of War. Upstairs vs Downstairs, Shipping vs Baking, Men vs Women, Marketing vs Customer Service, and Accounting/HR vs IT.

I never realized how much a good round of Tug of War could bring out the competitiveness in people. The meekest of team members became Supermen and women. Very cool. Here a few photos of our "wars."


The men are looking pretty strong right here.


Unfortunately, the women were stronger... we also outnumbered them - a lot to a little.

We must not forget the Limbo!

Not too many team members dared to "go low," but those of us who did try, we gave it our all.


Co-founder kariEileen Spitalny, above, almost made it through the line. Keeping our knees of the ground was a challenge... at least it was for me. But Kari Gayes from our Marketing Team managed to go the lowest and be our Limbo winner.

We worked up a sweat, of course. And then it was time for the water balloon toss.


Look how organized we were!


The tossing began...

and then the balloons started breaking.

Water chaos erupted!


None of us minded being wet. It only took a few minutes to dry off.

We ended our picnic with a group photo.


A big thank you to Eileen and David for letting us play for a few hours in the middle of the work day. It was a fun-filled, Fairytale Day!

Comments for It was a playful day at Fairytale Brownies

Name: Marsha Sickler
Time: Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looks like a GREAT place to work =D Any openings? Willing to relocate!

Name: Judy
Time: Friday, May 27, 2011

Looks like a fun day but now...IT'S TIME TO MAKE THE BROWNIES!!!!! Not just any BROWNIES but the absolute best!! I agree, fairytales do end in chocolate!

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