It's not a birthday without brownies!

I have been a huge fan of Fairytale Brownies for the last 10 years. My friend Sheri started my affection for them. My roommates parents are watching thier suger intake, so we sent them the Sugar Free Magic Morsels. It was a huge hit. Now, I send the Birthday Box to my friends for their birthdays. Trust me my friends love them. I have included a picture of my friends Mike when he got his Birthday Box last year. What really keeps me coming back is I know if I have any problems the customer service is awesome. I once sent a package to a friend and I entered his old address, I called customer service for help, they got in contact with the shipping company and re-routed my brownies to my friend, they were so nice!! I love the the original, walnut, carmel and toffee crunch. I should be honest, I love them all! LOL. I really love when I get them as a surprise gift from my friends. hint hint hint LOL! ~John Norwich CT

Name: John 
City: Norwich
State: CT

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