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Hi Brownie Lover!


My name is Janet O’Leary, HR/Operations Assistant for Fairytale Brownies. I have been employed here since 2002 and I am so happy to be sharing Janet’s Journal with you! 

I have many responsibilities in my role in HR with the biggest being the recruiting & hiring of
seasonal team members. I enjoy helping people and love to talk, so I think I have the perfect job!


I look forward to sharing my love of brownies with you through my journal and will provide you with many interesting & fun ways you can share brownies with others!


Sharing my Passion for Chocolate with local Students

Mesquite High School Students visit Fairytale Brownies


My friend Lisa Heigl and her students from Mesquite High School stopped by the Fairytale Bakery today to check out what was cooking in our kitchen! Although the students were unable to go into our kitchen, our retail store has a viewing window where customers can actually watch the entire process. The students were quite impressed with the action they witnessed today; mixing of our ingredients in our large purple mixer, lots & lots of walnuts for toppings, and then the baking of our brownies in our very large ovens! This process is very similar to what they see at home but on a much larger scale. After watching the process the students became very curious as to where chocolate comes from. That's where I come in to the picture! Sharing my knowledge about chocolate has become one of my many passions and I was more than thrilled to explain the process.

The students learned that chocolate really does grow on trees! A tropical tree...

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Brownies, Babes, & Bunco

I was recently invited to my sister's house for "Girl's Bunco Night" as she desperately needed a sub. I was also asked if I would bring dessert, not just any dessert you see but rather I was told politely to bring Fairytale Brownies for dessert. Well, this made my very busy life a little easier! I walked right into our retail store which happens to be about 20 feet from my office and ordered a combination of Gourmet Chocolate Brownies, Fairytale Bars in all 4 flavors, and of course my favorite Fairytale cookie flavors, caramel pecan & coconut walnut! I cut all of the yummy treats into bite sized pieces, arranged them nicely on a beautiful tray and I have to admit, I impressed myself! The tray of Fairytale treats were received very well by all of the lades; they certainly appreciated the bite sized pieces so they could indulge in a variety of treats without all of the guilt. There was an array of different desserts and a spread of food fit for a queen but at the end of the evening, the...

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Brownies, Baseball, & Lots of Fans



My co-worker Alyssa and myself shared the love of brownies at an Oakland A's spring training game today at Phoenix Municipal Stadium by handing out Fairytale Brownies magic morsels to the fans! These weren't just baseball fans; we met many Fairytale Brownies fans as well. We also created some new brownie fans after they tasted our gourmet chocolate brownies. Some fans were from northern and southern California that were in town supporting their home team, the Oakland A's. We also shared the love with the opposing team fans from the Texas Ranger's. One little Ranger fan named William fell in love with our brownies and was very polite to thank us twice for the yummy gooey goodness that he had all over his face.

It was an absolute great day filled with sunshine, blue skies, baseball, brownies, and lots of new Fairytale Brownie fans!




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Lover of all things Chocolate


Oncidium Sharry Baby - Chocolate OrchidWe all know that chocolate comes in many different forms and seems to be a favorite indulgence for most people. After all, Fairytale Brownies are made from chocolate, Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate which is the finest chocolate you will find, as the cocoa beans are selected, roasted, and ground by Callebaut themselves -- which is a rarity among chocolate makers. The beans are actually roasted in their own shell to protect them. That keeps in all of the aromas and subtleties which yields a more intense cocoa flavor.
I recently discovered there is another form of chocolate when I received an orchid from Hawaii; the Oncidium Sharry Baby, better known as the chocolate orchid. This is not an edible flower rather a fun and fragrant orchid which fills the room with the sweet scent of chocolate and just a hint of vanilla. I truly am a lover of all things chocolate and now I have the best of both worlds as I smell the aroma of chocolate brownies baking all day long at work and at the end of...
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Mrs. Jodi's class learns how Fairytale Brownies are made

Matthew proudly posing with his brownie after "Chocolate 101 Class"

My friend Jodi and her pre school class recently visited the Fairytale Brownies bakery to take a peek into our viewing window to watch the baking process and see exactly how the magic happens in Fairyland. 

Although we do not offer tours, we do have a window where customers can watch this exciting process! I guess I take it for granted at times and forget what a unique experience this is for someone watching for the very first time, especially through the eyes of children.

It was such a pleasure for me to take a little time out of my busy day to visit with the children and explain where chocolate comes from. Both children and adults were quite impressed with the entire evolution of where cacao trees are grown to how a little bean can turn into yummy sweet chocolate! Once they learned this process they had a greater appreciation for chocolate and were very anxious to sample the brownies!

I think I have found some new...

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Fudgy Brownies for your "Fat Tuesday" treat!

As the Lenten season approaches, are you thinking about what you might be giving up? If so, Fat Tuesday is right around the corner, February 12th; the last day to indulge in your favorite foods before the 6 week fast! Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday" is the last day of the carnival season as it always falls the day before Ash Wednesday which also happens to be the start of Lent.

If you plan to celebrate this historical event and indulge on Fat Tuesday, look no further than fudgy, indulgent Fairytale Brownies! We have tons of sugary & buttery treats to satisfy your cravings for at least six weeks! Treats like fudgy chocolate brownies, delectably chewy cookies, and oh my goodness, our heavenly Fairytale Bars!

Do I have your attention yet? If so, check us out online at brownies.com, and we'll back your purchase with our unconditional guarantee; you will not be disappointed; it's Our One Pure Promise!

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Brownie Gift Basket for New Baby

Recently, my friend Tina became a first time mom and I wanted to send her something very special! My first thought was a basket of brownies, cookies, and bars. Afterall, I do work for Fairytale Brownies!  Brownies are such a comfort food and I thought, what mom wouldn't enjoy this kind of treat; however, Tina is also a big Pittsburgh Steeler fan! It just so happens, I was born and raised in Steeler Country and I thought to myself, this new little bundle of joy needs his own terrible towel! I sent an email to my family and friends back east and proposed a "friendly trade." The first person to respond to my request for a terrible towel will receive a gift basket of brownies, cookies, and bars from Fairytale Brownies!

It literally took less than one minute when I received a response from my friend Billie Jo saying, "I'll do it, I'll do it'! Within days, a friendly exchange went across country like two ships passing in the night; Brownie Gift Basket & Terrible Towel! Here is a picture of...

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We're Shipping Brownie Gifts UPS For Christmas!


Brownies delivered with UPSBrett Crosby, Senior Account Sales Manager for UPS

It seems just like last week I blogged about the two month countdown until Christmas, and look at me now! One week and counting . . .  all hand's are on deck!  We have team members working around the clock shipping brownie gifts with the help of United Parcel Service! Our account manager for UPS, Brett Crosby jumps right in to scan packages for one of our busiest shipping days of the year! Brett treated us to donuts to keep us motivated and our blood sugar levels high! Don't fret, there's still time to order for Christmas delivery! Check us out at www.brownies.com for popular brownie gifts on sale . . . we have delicious gourmet gifts for any budget!

We thank you for your continued business and wish you all a happy & healthy 2013!

~ From All of Us at Fairytale Brownies

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Congratulations to David & Eileen on 20 years! Aloha from Maui!

Fairytale Brownies in HawaiiAs Fairytale Brownies celebrates 20 years in business this week, our Wholesale Sales Team Member Holly Pringle is enjoying a well deserved vacation in Hawaii! The trip for Holly is bittersweet as she always travels to Hawaii this time of year but she will be missing out on all of the festivities at work as we celebrate 20 Fairytale years for David Kravetz, Eileen Spitalny, and the entire team here at Fairytale Brownies! 

As a special recognition to the co-founders, David & Eileen, Holly is sending warmest aloha from Maui with Fairytale Brownies on Kaanapali Beach at sunset!

Eileen &  David,

Congratulations on the 20th Anniversary of Fairytale Brownies! Sorry that I could not be there to help you celebrate, but I am there in spirit. Enjoy your celebration and here's to the next 20 years. Aloha and best wishes for continued success!



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Fairytale Brownies countdown to Christmas!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here these days! It's official; 2 month count down! This place is buzzing.....the phones are ringing, the brownies are baking, and the gifts are being assembled! It truly is like Santa's workshop behind the scenes at Fairytale Brownies! We have 100 team members on staff right now working very hard to help make the world a sweeter place! Please consider us for your holiday gift giving needs; we promise you will not be disappointed! Check out www.brownies.com and simplify your holiday shopping! Every purchase is backed by our unconditional guarantee: If you or your gift recipients are ever dissatisfied, even a little bit, we will do whatever it takes to make it right. That's our One Pure Promise. 


Our Mission Statement

Our Purpose is to simply gift giving and spread joy through gourmet chocolate brownies

Our Core Values are product excellence, incomparable service, integrity, teamwork, and leadership

Our Goalis to be the number one and best...

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