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Hi Brownie Lover!


My name is Janet O’Leary, HR/Operations Assistant for Fairytale Brownies. I have been employed here since 2002 and I am so happy to be sharing Janet’s Journal with you! 

I have many responsibilities in my role in HR with the biggest being the recruiting & hiring of
seasonal team members. I enjoy helping people and love to talk, so I think I have the perfect job!


I look forward to sharing my love of brownies with you through my journal and will provide you with many interesting & fun ways you can share brownies with others!


Got Belgian Chocolate Brownies?


School's out for summer! I can hear the kids in my neighborhood singing this song as today is the last day of school! This brings back fond memories for me as a child yet it used to make me cringe at the thought as a parent! These kids like to eat! The kids in my neighborhood are no exception! Something about summertime just seems to spur appetites in them! I am blessed with wonderful neighbors that like to share their kids with me for two reasons; one, I have a swimming pool and two, I always have Fudgy Chocolate Brownies! I guess you would call me the Adopt-a-Grammy since that is what the kids call me!  

It's almost time for my first of swim party of the summer! I have the rafts blown up, the volleyball net securely tied down and all of the kids favorite Belgian Chocolate Brownies in stock! Chocolate Chip is usually favored by most so I guess it's no surprise it is one of our best sellers! I will have a variety of flavors and sizes for the kids to choose from! Nothing makes me...

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Belgian Chocolate Brownies Save Mother's Day!


Ok, Mother's day came and went. One glorious day of being pampered is all over! I enjoyed every moment of my Mother's day from being served coffee in bed to laughing at the funny cards, crying at the sentimental cards, and having my favorite meal cooked & served to me, poolside! Awhhhh......sounds wonderful, doesn't it? It was wonderful until company came knocking at my door and I realized that the boys don't bake so we have no dessert. Well, no worries there! Fairytale Brownies to the rescue! My freezer is always stocked full of Fairytale Cookies and Fudgy Chocolate Brownies! Within minutes I had a beautiful tray of decadent desserts! I impressed my surprised guests without heating up the kitchen or baking on Mother's day!

There is no reason for you to get caught off guard when unexpected guests show up at your front door either! Fairytale Brownies go from freezer to table in seconds! I actually prefer mine a little on the frozen side but if you don't like a chilled dessert, try...

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New Baby & Keepsake Photo Tin Wins The Hearts Of New Parents


There is nothing more precious to parents than the birth of a child!  My niece Amy & her husband Gary are the proud parents of their first child, Madison Erin. There is such excitement in our family right now! Oh my, how she changes weekly! Born April 6th, she is almost one month old! I wanted to send Amy & Gary a gift they would enjoy immediately yet cherish for years to come! I decided on a Fairytale Brownies Photo Keepsake Tin filled with a scrumptious assortment of all six flavors of our yummy gourmet cookies! I added an adorable photo of baby Madison to the top of the tin to make this gift just a little more special! Just look at that sweet bundle of joy!!

I received a beautiful thank you from Amy & Gary saying, "Thank you so much for the cookies; they are so good"! "We just love the photo tin of Madison"!  

If you are looking for a memorable & unique baby gift that will make any parent beam with pride, check out our Keepsake Photo Tin selection at brownies.com! This is...

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Belgian Chocolate Brownies Go South!

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go . . . I'm leaving on that midnight train to Georgia! Ok, I know those are lyrics to two different songs.....and, I also know it's April which means only one thing to me! My annual trip to Georgia! I'm looking forward to sweet tea, pecan pie, and peaches! Oh, and not to mention the wonderful southern hospitality! And the beautiful Georgia pines! Can you tell I'm just a little excited about this trip?

My family in Georgia is just as excited to see me as they know I will be packing some "comfort foods" from beautiful sunny Arizona; Fudgy Chocolate Brownies! A big family barbeque is in store for Saturday and I'm planning on making Fairytale Brownie hot fudge sundaes for dessert ! I know the kids will love me and I also know yours will love you, too if you follow this easy recipe made with Gourmet Brownies!

 Fairytale Brownies Hot Fudge Sundae Recipe 

  • 12 Fairytale Brownies (your choice!)
  • 1/2 gallon of ice cream (pecan, my favorite!)
  • Whipped cream (in a can,...
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Chocolate or Non Chocolate? That is the Question!

cookiesHey chocolate lover! Yes, I'm talking to you! Have you ever met anyone who didn't like chocolate? Well, I never did until I was introduced to my CPA, Carol! Are you kidding me? What isn't there to like about chocolate? I work in a chocolate factory! We make Belgian Chocolate Brownies and I smell the intoxicating aroma of chocolate all day long and I still love chocolate! Every day at 6am when I walk into work at Fairytale Brownies, it is like walking into grandma's kitchen! Oh, the smell permeates my veins and puts a big smile on my face as I begin my work day!

Carol not liking chocolate just made no sense to me! Hmmm, I needed a way to get through to her and then I realized, Fairytale Peanut Butter Cookies and Fairytale Caramel Pecan Cookies!! Carol has been working around the clock crunching numbers for her clients and for me, of course! I just received a call and yes, it is good news! Whew! I will sign on that dotted line, and provide my bank account number for my sweet return and...

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Fairytale Brownies Spin with Tim!

If you know me, you know I cycle 100 miles per week and spend 9 hours per week at the gym! I'm hard core when it comes to my work outs! I spin with some of the best instructors in the state of Arizona! I spin with Connie, April, Kim, Tom, and of course I "Spin with Tim Phelan"! Tim's classes are a sell out and you must wait 30 minutes prior to class just to sign in to get a bike! ( You can find Tim on Facebook at Spin with Tim Phelan).

I shared Fairytale Brownies and Fairytale Cookies with Tim and his lovely wife Patti at spin class on Saturday. Patti jumped up and down, gave me a hug and said, "Oh, I'm so excited to have Fairytale Brownies, thank you, thank you"! Tim proudly promoted Fairytale Brownies throughout the entire class! Could Tim be the next promoter of Gourmet Chocolate Brownies? I'd say so! As you can see, here is Tim promoting a Fudgy Chocolate Brownie at a sell out crowd at spin class at LA Fitness! I received a very nice note from Tim & Patti saying "Thank you for the...

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Fairytales really do come true! Just ask the the Sweet Sixteen!

Okay you basketball fans! It's official; The NCAA Sweet Sixteen!  March Madness, at it's peak! How exciting for me to be from a state that will represent four teams that have made it to the Sweet Sixteen!  This is history in the making for college basketball and a fairytale come true for the Buckeyes, Bobcats, Bearcats, and Musketeers! First time ever four teams from Ohio have made it to the Sweet Sixteen!

If you're a basketball fan, you understand the language I speak! This is very exciting as the team that wins it all becomes the National Champion of College Hoops! If I were a betting kindof gal, I would bet that one of my Ohio teams will walk away with that National Championship Title! (I have faith!)

 Regardless of which teams move on from the Sweet Sixteen to the Final Four, you can bet  Fairytale Brownies will have their own "Sweet 16" Cookie Tin  for you just in time for your celebration! Whether it's Fairytale Cookies you want delivered or Gourmet Brownies Gifts, we have the...

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Bribe 'em with Gourmet Chocolate Brownies!

Fairytale TrufflesWorking for a gourmet chocolate brownie company certainly has it's benefits! I take advantage of any opportunity I have to share the joy of Fairytale Brownies! I will admit, most often I share to get what I want! Recently, I shared a box of Fairytale Truffles with the office staff of my orthodontist. I actually bribed before I shared! You see, I needed a late day appointment and they were all booked. I am very persistent. I asked again, "Are you sure you don't have anything open around 4:45pm"? "Hmmm, it's a shame because I have a box of Fairytale Truffles that need to be eaten about 4:45 on Tuesday and I would love to share".  The office manager piped up and said, "I am here late on Tuesday, you can come in at 4:45pm". I picked up my new retainer, shared a box of truffles, and smiled all the way home! You see, I am not too proud to beg....and you don't have to be either!  


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Brownies & Brisket! Music to these Irish ears!

It's that time of year again! The wearin' O the green! One of my favorite holidays! St. Patrick's Day! The tradition in my family is a week long process starting with the baking of shamrock cookies, ordering my brisket,  and shopping for the freshest vegetables to accompany my traditional Corned Beef Brisket! The Celtic music is playing, the beer is chilling, and life is good! My brisket is a mix of salty and spicy so the perfect pairing would be Belgian Chocolate Brownies! Oh my, that sweet and salty combo that no one can resist! There's still time to order your Fudy Chocolate Brownies in time for your St. Paddy's Day celebration! Check out our selection of Gourmet Brownie Gifts at brownies.comFairytale Brownies are a sure bet you will find that Pot 'O Gold at the end of your rainbow!

Here is my not-so secret family recipe for the best brisket you will ever eat!  

One 4-5 pound corned beef brisket


1/4 cup brown sugar, packed
2 Tbl soy sauce
1 Tbl Dijon mustard
1/2 tsp cayenne...

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Best Friends and Belgian Chocolate Brownies

Okay, I will admit I'm getting older but, how many people can say they have had a best friend for 50 years? Well, I can! My BFF Maureen, who lives in Ohio is visiting me for one glorious week! She is leaving the snow & cold behind for some warmer weather, sunshine, and quality girl time! Over the past 38 years, we have traveled to California, Ohio, Georgia, and Arizona to spend time together and have seen each other through the good, the bad, and the ugly!

This next week will be filled with plenty of laughs, a few tears, and of course Belgian Chocolate Brownies! My house is fully stocked with "all things" Fairytale Brownies which include fudgy chocolate brownies, cookies, and, truffles, oh my! I will admit, working for a gourmet brownie company definitely has it's benefits; I don't have to bake!

Well, National Girl Friend Day is not until August 1st but if you have a BFF that you love like I do, share your love of chocolate by visiting brownies.com! You will truly have a friend...

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