KaBOOM! Playgound Build with the First Lady

For 10 years, Fairytale Brownies has been volunteering and donating dollars and brownies to KaBOOM! Last month, KaBOOM! celebrated 15 years of building play spaces with its 2,000th playground build in Washington, D.C. I was invited to attend the build at Imagine Southeast Public Charter School in Washington, D.C. On the airplane ride I figured out that this would be build #12 for me during these past 10 years. 

This build was the largest one I have attended – 500 volunteers! My team built a tree bench and an outdoor classroom; I got very good with the drilling skills. And made lots of great new friends. This was a very special build as Members of Congress were in attendance, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and First Lady Michelle Obama also helped mix concrete, bolt rock climbing walls and assemble slides. And slide on slides!!

Yes, we shipped our gourmet brownies to treat all of the playground volunteers! We were honored to be the afternoon pick me up at this very special build. In true KaBOOM! style we played “Happy Birthday” on the kazoo. The First Lady joined in; she had a great time and got to share her message of Just Keep Moving!

We have worked with many BOOMERs over the years (as their employees are called). Every BOOMER was in attendance and it was so nice to build and play with them all in person. It is a special day I will always remeber and those kids have an awesome space to play every day to spark their imaginations. My business partner and I met on the playgournd more than 35 years ago now and now through our business we can continue to give back to that important element of play.

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