Welcome to Kari's Cube on the Brownie Blog!

kgayesHi there, and welcome to my cube! My name is Kari and I am the Fairytale Brownies Marketing Coordinator, which around here means I do a little bit of everything. My main duties are planning and coordinating marketing efforts, especially catalogs, e-mail specials, Web promotions and our Twitter profile (@ftbrownies).

Most of what I do is behind-the-scenes marketing and merchandising strategy, but I get to be involved in our brownie photo shoots, new product development of gourmet brownie gifts and other fun outings, too. I mostly blog about whatever I'm working on, events I've attended and how I use our fudgy gourmet brownies in my non-work life.

I love what I do here at Fairytale Brownies, and I hope you love reading about it! 


Buy Mail Order Brownies on Google Catalogs!


Today I got an email that our Fairytale Brownies catalog (request your Autumn catalog now) is being featured in the Editor's Pick on the Google Catalogs tablet app, which made me think it's been a while since I blogged about our catalog's availability on tablets. It is a great way for you tablet users to shop our catalogs even if you aren't on our mailing list.

Since they are currently featuring our mail order brownie catalog right now, I'll start with Google. You can download Google Catalogs for Android tablets or iPads here. A desktop version is also coming soon. The app houses many catalogs in lots of different categories for one-stop shopping for clothes, gifts and even furniture. 

Fairytale Brownies' catalogs are also available on the Catalog Spree, Catalogue and Coffee Table apps. This is just one of the many ways we are trying to make it easy for everyone to order brownies, bars and cookies for friends and family around the world.  I know you will find just the thank you food...

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Building Gourmet Brownie Gifts!

One thing you may not know about our gourmet brownie gifts is that we have to start building gifts for the holidays in September. While we wish we could bake and ship every gift when it's ordered, that would be nearly impossible to accomplish, since we ship thousands of gifts each day in December. So we bake ahead of time, have figured out how to preserve our brownies without adding preservatives. A lot of testing has gone into this, and we are confident that every delicious treat that we ship will be good for at least 6 months in the freezer once it arrives. How do we do this?

A giant brownie freezer! Yes, that's a freezer. It's ridiculously cold in there, and it can hold nearly 700,000 brownies at full capacity. :) But we ship close to 2 million brownies between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, so...

When we start building gifts that we know we won't be sending for a few weeks, we pack them up on pallets like the one below and send them to an offsite cold storage facility until we...

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NEW Brownie Gift Catalogs Coming Your Way!

We are just one long weekend away from our first Fairytale Brownies catalog drop of the 2012 Holiday season! 

Here is a sneak peek at every catalog we will be mailing this fall (and the spring ones you may have already received) here in the display rack we have next to the elevator in our office. This is a great place to showcase the current year's catalogs full of brownies, cookies and our new bars, while also having them handy to give to visitors who come by.

Our catalogs are full of gifts for the holidays, birthdays, many other occasions and corporate food gifts filled with a variety of gourmet baked goods that we ship worldwide. Whether you are looking to have Belgian chocolate brownies, sweet, buttery bars or moist, chewy cookies delivered, these catalogs have something for you!

Autumn catalogs (the one on the top left in the photo) will begin to arrive in home next week, with new versions every two to four weeks (not all to the same people, of course). 

This week is a milestone for...

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Coming Soon...

As the summer winds down in the rest of the country (let's be honest, Phoenix summers last until October), we at Fairytale Brownies are excitedly preparing to launch our new products and fall catalogs. We will introduce several new products in just a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd give you a sneak peek at them.

I managed to get my hands on some samples of our new Fairytale Bars (pictured above on my desk wrapped in the spec film we use to test for size and shelf life). For those who don't know what they are, the Bars are very similar to our gourmet brownies, except that they are made from a base of brown sugar instead of Belgian chocolate. Fairytale Bars are baked in four flavors: Cheesecake Swirl, Chocolate Chip Blondie, Pecan Blondie and Raspberry White Chocolate. They will be in a variety of gifts right there alongside your favorite fudgy chocolate brownies.

Check out all of our new gifts here. Now excuse me while I go devour these delicious bars! :)

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Printing Gourmet Food Gift Catalogs!

Last week, our designer, Erin, went to Wisconsin to get all of our Fairytale Brownies catalogs printed for the fall/holiday season. She was kind enough to take some pictures of the place that has printed millions of our gourmet brownie gifts catalogs since 2001. If you want to send mail order brownies or have cookies delivered this holiday season, be sure to head over here to make sure your name is on our mailing list! 

Here are rolls and rolls of paper used to print all kinds of food gift catalogs. 

rolls of paper

Getting ready to go onto the presses!

rolls of paper

Our color specialist, Hope, checking sheets off the press to make sure the fudgy brownies look great!

checking press sheets for brownie catalogs

Press operators checking pages and pages of corporate food gifts!

brownie gift catalogs

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Happy 95th Birthday Brownies!

My great aunt turned 95 years young last week, and I couldn't think of a better gift for her than some delectable bite-size Magic Morsels mini brownies.

She loves a small sweet treat every now and then, so we make a point to send her a big enough box to stash in the freezer for awhile every few months. This time, we chose the Magic Morsel 18, and we happily selected only the fudgy chocolate brownie flavors she loves the most using the choose your own flavors option on our website.

I know she loves when we send brownies, and I love being able to share a sweet brownie birthday gift from halfway across the country.

Happy birthday, Aunt Dorothy!

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Making Brownie Gift Catalogs!

July is a busy time of year here for the Fairytale Brownies marketing team. We're busily trying to finish up our gourmet brownie gifts catalogs for this fall and the holiday season, and for me, that means reading, editing and compiling everyone else's edits for each draft of the catalogs. We just finished up our biggest round of edits. Check out the pile of catalog printouts on my desk today! We've made some changes to the catalogs this year, and I think our corporate food gifts buyers will especially like what they see in their mailboxes beginning in September. Actually, I think everyone who likes to order brownies and cookies is going to like what they see - I mean, who can complain about pages and pages of beautiful Belgian Chocolate brownies, gourmet cookies and more?!

If you aren't already on our mailing list, now is a great time to sign up at brownies.com to ensure you get Fairytale Brownies' 2012 fall and holiday catalogs.

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Spotted: Fairytale Brownies in Seattle!

Last week, I went to Seattle on a vacation with my family, and we stopped into a small grocery near our hotel to pick up some milk and other items for our daughter. As we waited in line to check out, I spotted these Belgian chocolate Fairytale Brownies. Since we were trying to travel light and didn't bring any gourmet brownies with us, I almost bought a couple, but I decided to leave them for other brownie lovers who haven't yet had the pleasure of tasting the best brownies in the world! 


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Gourmet Brownies are "Trail Magic"

Fairytale Brownies on the Appalachian TrailI mentioned last week that I was going to send brownies to my friend Chris, who is currently hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. He's been out there since the beginning of March, and he has fewer than 900 miles to go. His wife, Amy, went to visit for a couple of days, so I sent a couple of Fairytale Sprite Dozen brownie gifts with her for Chris to share with his hiker buddies.

Sunday morning, I got a text from Amy with this picture of Chris and his box of brownies before he headed back out onto the trail. I've learned from his blog that thru-hikers commonly encounter "trail magic," which Wikipedia tells me is any kind of assistance from strangers through kind actions, gifts, and other forms of encouragement. I know that Chris will share his fudgy chocolate brownies and pass on some trail magic with that extra special Fairytale magic. :) 

Good luck Chris, we can't wait to see you again!

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Sending Brownies to the Appalachian Trail!

Chris on the AT

I met my friend Chris in college back in Indiana (we both graduated from Ball State in 2006), 

and while I moved to Phoenix, he headed to Santa Barbara, CA. We weren't super close at the time, and we certainly didn't think we would see much of each other on our adventures through life. One day, I was sitting at my desk here at Fairytale Brownies, when someone called me down to our retail store because I had a friend who wanted to see me. It was Chris! I knew he worked for a company called FoodTools (who make portion control machines, including the cutter we use to cut our fudgy chocolate brownies), but I had no idea that he was our designated sales and service representative. 

Since then, we have become very close, as we quickly learned he and his now-wife had a lot in common with me and my husband. We meet up to run marathons and half-marathons at least once a year. 

The last time we saw Chris in February, he told us he was planning to take off in a few weeks to hike the entire...

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