Welcome to Kari's Cube on the Brownie Blog!

kgayesHi there, and welcome to my cube! My name is Kari and I am the Fairytale Brownies Marketing Coordinator, which around here means I do a little bit of everything. My main duties are planning and coordinating marketing efforts, especially catalogs, e-mail specials, Web promotions and our Twitter profile (@ftbrownies).

Most of what I do is behind-the-scenes marketing and merchandising strategy, but I get to be involved in our brownie photo shoots, new product development of gourmet brownie gifts and other fun outings, too. I mostly blog about whatever I'm working on, events I've attended and how I use our fudgy gourmet brownies in my non-work life.

I love what I do here at Fairytale Brownies, and I hope you love reading about it! 


Send brownies and cookies for Valentine treats!

18-Piece Valentine Truffles18-Piece Valentine TrufflesI came across this blog on the Huffington Post today that is a list of the "5 Best Sendable Valentine's Day Treats," and I couldn't help but notice that both brownies and cookies made the list. The author recommends baking one's own delicious treats for a brownie or cookie delivery that the sender has labored over him or herself, but time is growing short for baking, packing and shipping brownies from your own kitchen in time for Valentine's Day.

Fear not. Fairytale Brownies is here with mail order brownies for your chocolate-loving sweetheart and cookies delivered to those whose sweet tooth is of a slightly less chocoholic nature. :) And for those who really can't get enough chocolate in their lives, a decadent gift of 18-Piece Valentine Truffles chocolate-covered mini brownies is the perfect Valentine.

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Sesame Street Belgian Chocolate Brownie Pops!

Brownie Pops

I can hardly believe it, but my daughter's first birthday is coming up quickly (Feb. 10), and I've been consumed with Sesame Street party planning lately. I love to create, so the plan is to make a dessert buffet myself. A small cake for Katharine to dig into, cookies, cupcakes and brownie pops made from the best brownies I know! Cake pops are all the rage right now, but mixing crumbled cake with icing is a messy proposition. The other day, I got a great idea to use gourmet chocolate Fairytale Brownies  and make brownie pops instead. Our fudge brownies are so rich and moist, there won't be any icing (or baking, for that matter) required!

I'll be modeling my Sesame Street characters after the cake pops pictured above from Bakerella, one of my favorite baking blogs. Hopefully my gourmet brownie pops will look great. With Fairytale Brownies at their center, I KNOW they will taste great! 

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Fudgy Brownies - Movie Night Treats!

gourmet brownie popcorn bags

Every year, my husband and I host a party on the night of the Academy Awards. It's a big to-do, complete with a red carpet, Oscar bingo, guessing the winners, our friends all decked out in evening wear and lots and lots of food. I always try to find a way to use Fairytale Brownies in at least one dessert that fits the movie night theme.

We always serve popcorn, so this year, I think I'm going to make these gourmet brownie popcorn bags. I found the idea at bakerella.com, which is a wealth of ideas for adorable and delicious baked goods. She baked her own fudgy brownies, but I will use our Original flavor Belgian chocolate brownies to make mine. 

It's pretty simple:
  1. Cut the brownies into the shape of a bag of popcorn, either with a cookie cutter or a knife if you're so inclined. I think I'll make a paper pattern to cut around so they're all the same, and that way I can control the size.
  2. Top the brownies with homemade buttercream frosting (or use a can of store-bought frosting to save...
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Raving Fans of Gourmet Brownie Gifts

One of my favorite things about this time of year is seeing the raves that come in to our customer service department after people receive their holiday gifts of gourmet brownies and cookies. So, I thought I would share some of our recent raves.

"There are those treats we receive that get shared with everyone, and then there are some that are...in the words of the infamous Daffy Duck; 'MINE, MINE, ALL MINE!!!'" ~ Happy Brownie Recipient

"The product is wonderful and the customer service outstanding!" ~ Adam B.

"My office received your brownies as a holiday thank you gift, and the entire staff loved them. The brownies were so moist and delicious, I just had to come home and order more for selfish reasons. Thank You for your quality of baking." ~ Drucilla D.

"These brownies are beyond good. Plus the Morsels lets you be a 'little bad' while being good. Since they are just a quick bite or two, those of us who are working at being healthy can enjoy a real treat and not feel like we are...Read More

The Holidays are Here!

I can't believe December will be here by the end of the week! At Fairytale Brownies, that means our busy season is officially underway! Last Friday, we spent the day decorating our retail store for the holidays. If you didn't know, our retail store is right here at the Fairytale Bakery, and it has viewing windows so visitors can watch our baking team make gourmet cookies and fudgy chocolate brownies. We get pretty busy with our local Phoenix food gift buyers during the holidays, so we like to make the store festive for people who come in to buy Belgian chocolate brownies in person. If you live in Phoenix, come on in to the bakery to purchase gourmet brownie gifts to take home with you or have cookies delivered to your family and friends. If not, here's a look at the retail store all decked out! 

Fairytale Brownies Tree

mini brownie ornament

fairytale garland

wrapped brownie cooler doors
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Building a Brownie House!

If you've been following us on Facebook or Twitter lately, you've probably seen the gourmet brownie house Alyssa, Eileen and I have been building. We delivered it to its exposition today, so I'm sure Alyssa will be posting about the finished product and why we built a house out of our fudge brownies soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd share some photos of it here on the blog.

Here's the back wall being covered in Belgian chocolate brownie "bricks" with a peanut butter cookie accent:
gourmet brownie house wall

And our first double chocolate cookie tree:
double chocolate cookie tree

Our toffee-tiled roof and pecan chimney:
toffee roof

Here you can see our poured glass windows:
brownie house walls

And the whole house assembled!
brownie house

Finally, my favorite feature: a gumdrop porch light. :)
brownie house caramel door

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Visiting the Fairytale Bakery!

It's getting busy here at the Fairytale Bakery as we gear up for the holidays, but it's not just the gourmet brownie makers who are bustling! We've had quite a few visitors lately, too. Last Friday, my husband was off work and brought our daughter and Erin's (our graphic designer) son for a visit. Kat even had her first tiny taste of a fudge brownie - the jury's still out on whether she inherited my taste for sweets, though. I don't think she knew what to think about a Belgian chocolate brownie!

We didn't get a picture of them while they were here, but here's a recent shot of them. They are best buddies, which is good, because they spend their days together. :)
kat+james-brownie babies

Yesterday, I got a visit from a couple of our Fairytale Brownies Twitter followers, @Debbie_Str8Away and @DonnieLeftTurn, who were in town for the NASCAR race at Phoenix International Raceway. It was great to meet them in real life and tell them all about how Fairytale Brownies began 19 years ago and how we bake, pack and ship...Read More

Brownies and Cookies and Cameras, Oh My!

 We're back at Rick Gayle Studio for another brownie photo shoot! This has been an exciting week for me, as I missed our last shoot when I was out on maternity leave. Rick and Kim Krejca, our food stylist, have been working hard to help our gourmet brownies and cookies put their best foot forward in our Spring and Summer 2012 mail order brownie catalogs. This is our favorite time of the year in marketing, as we get to work on the things that are coming up for Fairytale Brownies and we have a lot of fun getting getaway pictures of our delicious fudge brownies and gourmet cookies. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at a brownie gifts photo shoot.

Brownies and cookies in the refrigerator:
brownie fridge

Prepped brownies waiting for their big shot:
brownie table

Recreating a shot we love with a different, more versatile background:
gourmet brownies

A holiday gift of gourmet brownies on set:
holiday brownie gifts
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Now on an iPad Near You - Fairytale Brownies!

I am so happy to announce that the Fairytale Brownies gourmet brownie and cookie gifts catalog is now available on your iPad! This week, our Autumn 2011 mail order brownies catalog went live on Catalog Spree, and we couldn't be happier to provide you another way to send brownies or have cookies delivered for thank you gifts or holiday gifts this year.

Catalog Spree

Download Catalog Spree for your iPad here to buy gourmet brownies online today!

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Favorite Flavors and Quality Control!

cream-cheese-brownieOne of my favorite parts of my job here at Fairytale Brownies is being on the quality control team. As you might be able to guess, this involves tasting fudgy brownies and gourmet cookies to make sure that every batch meets our high quality standards. We strive to make the best brownies and cookies in the world, so we spend a lot of time making sure we're doing everything we can to achieve that goal.

As a member of the QC team, I check a sample of several batches of treats once a week. My day is Monday, so yesterday I got to have an afternoon snack of gourmet brownies and cookies. They were delicious! In tasting them, I realized that my favorite brownie flavor changes relatively often. It has been White Chocolate, Caramel, Coconut (RIP), Raspberry Swirl and Chocolate Chip. Right now, I'm loving Cream Cheese, and I was fortunate to have a couple of my current favorite to taste yesterday. I'll even admit that I ate more than just a taste! :)
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