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Oncidium Sharry Baby - Chocolate OrchidWe all know that chocolate comes in many different forms and seems to be a favorite indulgence for most people. After all, Fairytale Brownies are made from chocolate, Callebaut Belgian Dark Chocolate which is the finest chocolate you will find, as the cocoa beans are selected, roasted, and ground by Callebaut themselves -- which is a rarity among chocolate makers. The beans are actually roasted in their own shell to protect them. That keeps in all of the aromas and subtleties which yields a more intense cocoa flavor.
I recently discovered there is another form of chocolate when I received an orchid from Hawaii; the Oncidium Sharry Baby, better known as the chocolate orchid. This is not an edible flower rather a fun and fragrant orchid which fills the room with the sweet scent of chocolate and just a hint of vanilla. I truly am a lover of all things chocolate and now I have the best of both worlds as I smell the aroma of chocolate brownies baking all day long at work and at the end of my day, I have the luxury of smelling the sweet scent of my beautiful chocolate orchid.



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