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Loyal customer spreads Fairytale Brownies joy in Texas
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March 21, 2012

This week, our customer story comes from Jody Ulich, President of Arts Council of Fort Worth and Tarrant County, in Texas:

"In the early '90's I was working at the Phoenix Arts Commission in the public art program. Eileen Spitalny, who was with Univision at the time, came into the office to visit with the staff. She let us all know that she and her good friend, David, were throwing caution to the wind and were going to start a business selling brownies. BROWNIES! We wished her much luck!

Shortly after that, she brought in a tray of her brownies and the Arts Commission staff was hooked. This was pre-internet time, and in order to get those brownies we had to make the trek over to Scottsdale and pick them up at their little hole-in-the-wall bakery. Then, of course, the catalog was released.

The first Christmas after the catalog came out, I remember making the trek over to Scottsdale to be told that the sales had skyrocketed and they couldn't keep up with the demand, nor keep the storefront stocked. I nearly had withdrawals! Eileen took care of me though.

The year they moved down to Chandler the grand opening party coincided with my daughter's birthday party. We rented a limo and loaded up all of the neighborhood kids and went right down to Fairytale Brownies. It was a child's dream.

Since Fairytale Brownies came into existence, they are my choice for Christmas gifts, thank-you gifts, and general thinking-of-you gifts. Now that I am in Texas, I can no longer stop by the storefront, but that has not stopped me from making sure that the locals here get to experience the brownie joy. The brownies have been shipped all over the country and no matter who gets them - I am always told that they are the BEST BROWNIES EVER!

Happy to have been a brownie addict from the very beginning."

Jody - I know how you feel! I was addicted to Fairytale's fudgy brownies the first time I tasted one.

Fairytale fans: If you have a story about your experience with our Belgian chocolate brownies, we would love to hear from you. Send your words to You might even receive a chocolatey treat for your efforts!


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