Mail Order Brownies - Behind The Scenes

A couple of weeks ago we had a photo shoot for our Spring/Summer 2011 Fairytale Brownies catalogs.  We print our catalogs twice a year - once in August for the fall catalogs, and once in December for the Spring/Summer catalogs.  A few months before the catalogs are printed we shoot the photography for all the new products, and also the catalog covers.  This year our graphic designer Erin Kress had the idea of taking a photo of a woman serving a plate of fudgy chocolate brownies.  And she thought it would be fun to have my daughter Lily be the "hand model" for the shot.  Lily was thrilled at the idea.

Lily was on fall break from school so we scheduled her to spend a day at the photo shoot with us.  It was special to have my daughter at work with me, and also to have her involved in the shoot.  The day before the shoot I took her to get a manicure so her hands would be "model ready."  Everyone was very sweet to her that day and she had a chance to learn about how we photograph the best brownies in the world.  Whenever someone visits a photo shoot for the first time they are always amazed at the amount of work that goes into a single shot.  On set we have an art director (Erin), our marketing coordinator Kari, the photographer plus his assistant, and a food stylist with her assistant.  And I'm there to give my opinion as to whether our brownie gifts look as good as possible.  It's always a lot of work but very rewarding when we're done.

It was a great day for me and I'm so glad that Lily will be featured on our catalog cover next summer!

       Setting up the shot at Rick Gayle Studios                               Lily posing with Rick behind the camera

         Lily holding a plate of gourmet brownies                        The final product - Summer 2011 catalog cover

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