See How Easily You Can Create Custom Photo Fairytale Gift Tin!

Our newest feature and gift is so awesome I had to share. You can get mail order cookies or brownies with your photo on top. And so easy!

Here's the finished Fairytale Custom Medley Photo Tin.

Mother's Day Keepsake Photo Tin - New!

Now let me show you how easy!

Step 1 - Choose which brownie tin sku; I chose the Photo Tin Medley. Photo Tin      

Step 2 - Upload your photo; chose photo off my iphone (self-portrait of my family) Photo Tin upload  

Done. Ordered yesterday, shipping today; delivered to Grandma TOMORROW!

Pretty cool. Grandma is going to love it. Perfect for Mother's Day, new babies or share an accomplishment.

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New fan considers Fairytale Brownies pieces of art

This week's customer story comes from The Lawrence Family: Tabbetha, Brandon, Nathaniel and Nicholas. Tabbetha wrote to us in October.

"My family and I have been going through difficult times with my 5-year-old son these last two weeks, and my husband's Godmother would come over to the house to help with my 3-year-old son and support my husband and I at this hard time in our lives. Tonight, she introduced to me Fairytale Brownies. She had received some in the mail and let me try one. I must say that they are wonderful. I would order these all of the time if I could. They are so moist and yummy. My 3-year-old love them. He wanted more after the one he ate, but they were all gone. :)


My husband is a chocolate lover and he loved the White Chocolate brownie. My son had the Peanut Butter brownie (because anything with peanut butter and chocolate is his favorite). I tried the Caramel one, and even though I am a cookie person more than a brownie person, I could change my mind to a brownie...

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Let KaBOOM! help open up a play space near you!

NOT a public playground


I know the topic of our blog is mail order brownie gifts and cookies delivered, but I couldn't help but share this image and blog post from our friends at KaBOOM! As you probably know, Fairytale Brownies has been a big supporter of KaBOOM! for over 10 years now, and we helped fund and build a playground here in Tempe, AZ last year. 

The sad thing about school playgrounds is that many are never open to the public. There is one in my neighborhood just on the other side of the fence from a public playground, but many communities aren't that fortunate. A lot of the time, the school playground is the only one in a town. If this is the case in your community, please check out KaBOOM!'s Joint Use Toolkit to help open up your school playground to the community. 

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Coming Attractions!

Our fudge brownie bakers have been busy in the kitchen testing our "secret" new product for Fall 2012, and we're getting very close, so I wanted to give a sneak peek at what's coming soon to a mail order brownie gift box near you! Here are two samples on my desk as I type of the next new treats from Fairytale Brownies. These delicious little guys (and two other sweet flavors) will be joining our gourmet brownies and cookies beginning this September. Can you guess what they are?

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Baking the world's best brownies!

I spent some time playing with our camera in the Fairytale Brownies kitchen this week, and got a few good shots of our baking team busily handcrafting gourmet brownies and cookies. I thought I would share with you all how our mail order brownies are made before they get packed into boxes and the brownies and cookies are delivered to your door! 

Here is some Belgian chocolate brownie batter being carefully weighed as it is poured onto a baking sheet.























A baking team member applies white chocolate stripes to a tray of Fairytale Sprites snack-sized fudgy chocolate brownies.











These Espresso Nib Sprites are on their way into the wrapping machine. 











And here are some hand-scored Peanut Butter cookies fresh out of the oven! 

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Giving up chocolate? I have a solution!

Easter Cookie & Sprite ComboIt's hard to believe the Lenten season is here already, and I know many of you who celebrate Easter have given up various "vices" for 40 days. It seems some of the most common of these vices is sweets, chocolate or dessert, all of which eliminate our chewy cookies and fudgy chocolate brownies from a person's diet. Now, I would never choose to give up things like chocolate or gourmet chocolate brownies for many reasons. A big reason is that part of my job is quality control tasting, which I can't just stop doing for 40 days. Another, bigger, reason is that I'm not sure I can live without the occasional dessert. :)

But for those of you who have more willpower than I, here's a solution for giving yourself the perfect fudge brownie treat to break your fast come Easter morning. Did you know that you can order our mail order brownies now and have them ship later? It's easy, just place your order, choose for them to arrive by Easter at checkout and don't think about them again until...

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Mail Order Cookies

Brownie Fan from Chicago, IL reviewed the Deluxe Cookie & Sprite Combo.
About Me: Personal Gift Giver,Repeat Buyer

BOTTOM LINE: Yes, would recommend to a friend.

Rating: 5 Stars

Comments about Fairytale Brownies Deluxe Cookie & Sprite Combo: These gourmet cookie gift was is great, especially if you want to split up the contents to give as multiple gifts. That's what I did, and all were well received very well! 
Pros: Memorable Gift,Flavor Assortment
Best Uses: Personal Gift,Crowd Pleaser

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Happy Brownie Gift Recipients!

One of my favorite parts of my job here at Fairytale Brownies is talking to customers and those who have received a brownie or cookie delivery through our Twitter account, @ftbrownies. I get to interact with lots of fans of our mail order brownies and cookies. We get tons of tweets and pictures about gourmet brownie gifts around the winter holidays, but not as many the rest of the year. So, I get extra excited when I do hear from brownie gift recipients at other times of the year. Just this morning, I received this great picture and comment that I wanted to share. 

@JinxMcGillicudd: Got a fab gift. Shoutout to Fairytale Brownies for deliciousness and charming presentation.

Thanks to everyone who talks to me on Twitter, you really brighten my days! 

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Send brownies and cookies for Valentine treats!

18-Piece Valentine Truffles18-Piece Valentine TrufflesI came across this blog on the Huffington Post today that is a list of the "5 Best Sendable Valentine's Day Treats," and I couldn't help but notice that both brownies and cookies made the list. The author recommends baking one's own delicious treats for a brownie or cookie delivery that the sender has labored over him or herself, but time is growing short for baking, packing and shipping brownies from your own kitchen in time for Valentine's Day.

Fear not. Fairytale Brownies is here with mail order brownies for your chocolate-loving sweetheart and cookies delivered to those whose sweet tooth is of a slightly less chocoholic nature. :) And for those who really can't get enough chocolate in their lives, a decadent gift of 18-Piece Valentine Truffles chocolate-covered mini brownies is the perfect Valentine.

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Mail order cookies they'll RAVE about!

It's that time of year again when my doorbell rings and it's the local Girl Scouts selling the inevitable Cookies. If they are not at my front door, they are at the entrance into and out of the local grocery store. Don't get me wrong, I love the Girl Scouts and think it is a wonderful organization which benefits girls in many ways. However, my cookie cravings are only satisfied by one... my favorite, Fairytale Cookies. 

One can't really compare the taste of deliciously chewy gourmet cookies of Fairytale Brownies, to the mass produced Girl Scout cookies, but the flavor profiles are somewhat similar.  Rich, Mint Chocolate and soft, creamy Peanut Butter are my favorite cookie flavors, but the rich, chewy Toffee Chocolate Chip is a close second! See all of the Fairytale Cookie flavors here.

Caramel Pecan Gourmet Cookies   Coconut Walnut Gourmet Cookie  Double Chocolate Gourmet Cookies
Caramel Pecan                        Coconut Walnut                    Double Chocolate

Mint Chocolate Gourmet Cookie   Peanut Butter Gourmet Cookies   Toffee Chocolate Chip Gourmet Cookies
Mint Chocolate                        Peanut Butter                         Toffee Chocolate Chip

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