Offering only the Best

I am the newest member of the Fairytale Brownies Customer Service Team.   I'm a doting mother of one & wife. 

I've been with Fairytale Brownies for a total of 3 months, including the most recent Holiday Season, where I helped out in Customer Service as a seasonal team member, but now am a full time employee.  I TRULY enjoy food of all varieties, and I'm a huge fan of our own gourmet brownies!  I have shipped brownies myself to all corners of the US to my family and friends.  I'm here to help you send these wonderful brownie gifts to your friends, family, collegues and associates!

Fairytale Brownies will go above and beyond to assure that your order is handled in the most expeditious manner possible, while never compromising the quality of our gourmet brownie gifts.  However, in the unlikely event something should happen, we will make sure it is completely resolved to everyone's satisfaction.

In my blogging, I'll let you know the happenings here at the Fairytale Brownies Bakery, as well as humorous little stories I happen on along the way. Enjoy! 

Fairytale Brownies Rummage Sale to Benefit KaBOOM!

Save the date!  On Saturday, October 16th, we are holding our 1st Annual Fairytale Brownies Rummage Sale!  All proceeds from this sale go to benefit our April 2011 playground build here in Tempe, so the effects will stay local!  As an added bonus, we will be selling our fudgy chocolate brownies as well!  It doesn't get much better than this!  Great finds, astounding deals, and gourmet can ya beat that?

This event is being held at my house...1614 N. Santa Anna Court, Chandler.  The main cross-streets are Dobson and Warner.  And being that this is a KaBOOM! event, kids are encouraged to come!  The more, the merrier!  One of our special helpers, as it was at the Sweet-Up, is my daughter Elizabeth.  She's a fabulous hostess!  For full details, I've included a link to our flyer!
There will be signs, designed by our own...Read More

Play-Date at the Fairytale Bakery!

Today is a wonderful day! Here at the Fairytale Brownies Bakery, we are hosting an open house, complete with games, raffles, and prizes galore!  All proceeds from the raffles go to KaBoom! and you'll get an opportunity to meet all the wonderful Fairytale staff who are behind the production and shipping of the best brownies ever!  If you love games and gourmet brownies and cookies, this is the event for you! Pictures to come...stay tuned!

This morning, we were also featured on Channel 5 News from 5am - 6am!  Our wonderful Marketing assistant Alyssa got that all lined up for us. Thank you Alyssa! And, as my side note for the week...October 3rd through the 9th is Customer Service week.  So appreciate all the people that take care of you! 

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Halloween Treats for Everyone

Happy Thursday all you Fairytale followers!  These last few days here in the customer service department have been extremely eventful and very interesting.  We have all of our seasonal Fairytale crew here to help us out, and we're bringing them up to speed on all the wonderful gourmet brownie gifts we offer to you, our customers.

This year, as I'm sure you've all heard, we added Fairytale Cookies to our lineup of wonderful sweets.  If you haven't tried them yet, call us to get those deliciously sinful cookies sent to your door.  Since they're individually wrapped, they'd make a wonderful handout at an autumn themed party, or even as Halloween treats for your favorite ghosts and goblins!

Speaking of Halloween (one of my favorite holidays), it's right around the corner!  This year, I hope we can decorate as thoroughly as we did last year, complete with crime scene tape, and a screaming doormat.  I'm sure that all ALL the little trick-or-treaters will loooove what I'm planning on passing...Read More

Gourmet Brownies - For a Cause

This last week, I had the pleasure of sending gourmet brownies to a long-time customer, Eva Torres, with Muller Company in California.  She is putting together gift bags to hand out to her tenants in an effort to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life.  Our gourmet brownies are going to help Eva raise money to help cancer research, and I can't think of a better use for our fudge brownies. 

Good luck, Eva! I hope your team, and your personal goals are met for this fundraiser.  For more info, please visit 

On a more personal note, this last week has been an interesting one.  I brought home a beautiful brownie giftto my sick daughter, along with a Brownie Bear.  She was so pleased to get those fudgy chocolate brownies as a get-well present!  She's finally getting better, thanks to the gourmet brownies she's eaten, as well as the antibiotics....Read More

Fairytale Babies!

This has been an extremely eventful week here at Fairytale Brownies.  As our loyal readers know, one of our Customer Service Team members is having a baby.  Well, she's due anytime now, and we decided to throw her a Fairytale Surprise Party!

Needless to day, any good party here at Fairytale includes the best brownies on earth!  (No, the cake is cake, brownies were later.)  Tanika was so surprised and pleased...and I hope Mackel will be pleased with all the love shown by all our people here, and I'm sure he will be.

On Tuesday, we're kicking our season into high gear with the arrival of our seasonal employees here in Customer Service. They will be here until just before Christmas to help us send brownies, cookies, and all of our other corporate food gifts for the holiday season.  We have one who is with us for his fourth season, and has started with us already!  Welcome back Tony "The Confrontation" Sanders!   

As a side note, Rosh Hashanah will commence at sundown on September 8th this...Read More

The Holidays Already?

This week has been extremely fun-filled and interesting. Here at Fairytale Brownies, we are gearing up for the Holidays! We've brought in additional staff to help bake the best brownies for holiday gifting, and we're working on ramping up our staff here in customer service too!  The holiday boxes are coming, and they're gorgeous! Those should be up on our site soon, as well as the new delicious Fairytale Cookies, which are eagerly anticipated!

If you'd like to see a preview of all our new offerings, go to to take a look.  I'm sure those beautiful new packages will inspire you to ship brownies to your friends, neighbors, and business associates.


As for customer service, we're helping businesses gear up for the holidays already! We're offering up to 30% off their holiday brownie orders if they prepay before the end of this month. Just think of the awe when your customers or collegues receive a beautifully wrapped brownie gift delivered right to their door,...Read More

Another Fairytale Birthday, and a Little Surprise!

This last weekend was an extremely eventful one for me.  Not only were there two birthday parties, but as my friends here know, I was surprised by my husband with a trip to Las Vegas!  A second honeymoon...and my kiddo got to have two day sleepover at Grandma's!  She was excited.

The first party was a nice dinner for Cousin Kaitlyn, who turned 9.  She's extremely excited about being in the 4th grade this year, and loooooves Fairytale Brownies.  Last time I was at her house, I left her a peanut butter brownie to share with her little sister.  This time, I decided that it was time she had her own stash, since she's 9 now.  I brought her a Magic Morsel Dozen in all four flavors to go along with the ZhuZhu pet playset we got her.  She was SOOO pleased! 

Her mom was jealous because she loves our fudgy chocolate brownies as much as her daughter does!  Knowing Kaitlyn the way I do, she'll share with everyone, so no problems there!

I brought home another brownie gift for my daughter to take to...Read More

Fundraising with Fairytale - Part Deux!

Once again, it's an update on our efforts to raise $72,000 to build a playground for those wonderful kids here in the East Valley!
Fairytale Brownies is working with some of our friends here in the Cotton Center to raise additional funds to help with the build.  So far, Alyssa has received VERY positive feedback from many of the businesses here!  Quite a few have volunteered to place donation bottles in their common areas for any spare change donations.  Also, The Barbeque Company, a restaurant serving Cotton Center, is holding a day where a portion of their sales will go to benefit our build.  Date is TBD, but Alyssa will announce details soon, I'm sure!
Also, on September 30th, we are holding a Tweet-Up and open house here at the Fairytale Bakery!  We'll have delicious gourmet brownies available for purchase, as well as our newest products...Fairytale Cookies!  We've been taste-testing them in house, and trust me, they're wonderful and well worth the anticipation.
As an additional...Read More

Fairytale Brownies and Professional Wrestling????

Yes, I know, that seems like a very unlikely combination.  But, to be honest, wrestlers like gourmet brownies too, and are more than willing to share with their buddies. 

Recently my husband brought a Fairytale Brownie to a wrestling friend of his: "Monster Mayhem".  He really loved the rich, fudgy brownie, and requested more, if we could get them for him.  As a favor to the hubby, I brought home a Sprite Dozen, and did the "Choose your Own" option, as Mr. Mayhem's favorite flavor is Peanut Butter! Well, he loved them so much, he shared with all the wrestlers working that night for EXW (, a local promotion that we support.  All the guys loved those Belgian Chocolate brownies!  Unfortunately, one of the guys who knows my husband very well was not in the "locker room" at the time, so missed out.  We're going to bring Tyson some gourmet brownies at the next show. 

One of our personal friends took a few home too, because he and his wife think these are the best...Read More

Fundraising with Fairytale Brownies & KaBOOM!

Recently, I became a part of the KaBOOM! build team, and I'm doing my best to assist with some additional fundraising to make our new build possible!  We've held meetings, sent emails, everything, trying to come up with WONDERFUL gourmet brownie based ideas to help this wonderful charity raise the funds to build another beautiful, safe playground for deserving kids.

We have an event on July 22nd, at the Sleepy Dog Brewery in Tempe, AZ at 6:00pm, featuring our Belgian Chocolate Brownies paired with their handcrafted brews.  Admission is only $15, and all proceeds go to KaBOOM!  We have the event posted on our Facebook page; just RSVP if you'd like to attend.

Our 2nd major event is on September 10th, at the Ocotillo Golf Resort in Chandler.  This is a golf tournament sponsored by Aerotek Industries, $95 per person, $350 per team, or $450 per team with hole sponsorship.  It includes the 18 holes of golf and the cart, as well as some extra goodies, AND since we're partnering with Aerotek...Read More