Memories Of The Best Brownie Company

The other day I was looking through some files and I stumbled across a bunch of great old photos from our early days in business.  Eileen and I started Fairytale Brownies in the fall of 1992 with the desire to create the best gourmet brownie gifts available anywhere.  We opened our first 1,000 square foot bakery in 1993 tucked in the back corner of a deserted shopping center (see photo below).  Our initial concept was to sell our fudgy chocolate brownies wholesale to the burgeoning coffeehouse market.  

In addition to the wholesale business we started selling brownies at all the local farmer's markets and street fairs.  Pretty soon people started signing our mailing list and out-of-town visitors began asking us to have brownies delivered back to their hometowns.  At that time we used to drive down to the local UPS facility and drop off about one package each week.  And that's how we eventually switched to selling mail order brownies.  Today we ship around 500 gifts on an average day and up to 15,000 on our peak day in December!

We've been in business for 18 years and we couldn't be happier.  Looking back at these old photos makes me realize how far we've come (and also how much we've aged!).  We've moved four times since the beginning and our new Fairytale Bakery now occupies 26,000 square feet (see photo below).  We have about 35 regular full-time team members and we are so proud of them all.  They are a group of smart, hard-working, dedicated and friendly people.  It really is fun to come in to work every day!

We've also come full circle.  In addition to selling brownies online, we're back in the wholesale market selling to a number of gourmet grocers and gifting companies throughout the company.  And just in the past month we've introduced Fairytale Cookies.  This decadent addition to our product line is getting a great reception.  So keep us in mind the next time you need some cookies delivered.  I can't believe how time flies, but it sure has been a great ride so far!

                    Eileen and David 1993                                                    Eileen and David 2010

                    Fairytale Bakery 1993                                                    Fairytale Bakery 2010

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