Mmmmm...Gourmet Brownies

I first tried Fairytale Brownies as an office gift from my employer. I brought them home and shared with the whole family. Since then, I have sent 2 brownie gifts this year. Christmas is right around the corner, and I plan on giving everyone the very best brownies...Fairytale Brownies! I also just got a some of your gouremt brownies in a wedding favor and they are so delicious! I set my box of Fairytale Brownies on the counter and went to do a few things around the house. When I came back, I had an empty box! I found out my husband tried to hide them for himself to secretly indulge later.
I still have yet to try your cookies they sound yummy! Your yummy brownies seem to cause mass chaos... People just want to eat them all up and not!

Name: Y. Moten
City: germantown
State: maryland

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