More than just the best brownie, the best cookies and bars too!

Working for Fairytale Brownies, I am often asked what my favorite flavor is. Well hold on, flavor of what: brownies, cookies, or bars? I am surprised at how many people do not realize that besides making the best brownie ever, we also make delicious chewy cookies and soft, buttery blondie bars.

We may be well known for our brownies, but our cookies and bars are just as delicious. Doc O., from Paradise Valley, Arizona is a big fan of our Fairytale Bars. He said, "These bars are fabulously rich and moist. Worth every calorie!"  And Linda from Manteca, CA loves our cookies, "Sinfully good....everyone was all smiles when I served these cookies." So if you haven't tried our cookies and bars, what are you waiting for?!

Visit and order cookies and bars to try. For cookies, I recommend the Fairytale Cookie Dozen. This gift comes with 2 each of our six divine flavors, so you can try them all and find your favorite! If you are interested in trying the bars, then go for the Fairytale Bar Dozen. Once again you will receive two each of six delicious flavors! Now if you find it difficult to order from Fairytale Brownies without purchasing brownies, then we have combo gifts to satisfy every craving! Order just brownies and cookies, just brownies and bars, or a gift that comes with all three like the Ultimate Bar, Sprite & Cookie Combo.

Now back to the original question: what is my favorite flavor?  If I had to pick I would say my favorite brownie flavor is the Toffee Crunch. My favorite cookie is the Caramel Pecan, and my favorite bar is the Cinnamon Crumb. Phew! That was hard because they are all so good!

Find your favorite flavors! Visit and order yourself a brownie, bar and cookie delivery today!


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