Mrs. Jodi's class learns how Fairytale Brownies are made

Matthew proudly posing with his brownie after "Chocolate 101 Class"

My friend Jodi and her pre school class recently visited the Fairytale Brownies bakery to take a peek into our viewing window to watch the baking process and see exactly how the magic happens in Fairyland. 

Although we do not offer tours, we do have a window where customers can watch this exciting process! I guess I take it for granted at times and forget what a unique experience this is for someone watching for the very first time, especially through the eyes of children.

It was such a pleasure for me to take a little time out of my busy day to visit with the children and explain where chocolate comes from. Both children and adults were quite impressed with the entire evolution of where cacao trees are grown to how a little bean can turn into yummy sweet chocolate! Once they learned this process they had a greater appreciation for chocolate and were very anxious to sample the brownies!

I think I have found some new friends for life and certainly new fans to Fairytale Brownies!   



The Entire Class at the Bakery


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