My business cards tell many Fairytale stories...

What's in a name? When we started our brownie company, one of the first things to decide was our name. We literally looked up the word brownie in the dictionary.

And there the answer was revealed to us... Definition of Brownies

Yes, a brownie is "a small square cut from a flat chocolate cake" BUT it is "a small, helpful elf"!

Hmm, upon further research brownies live in fairyland with sprites, nymphs, fairies and all the other special little ones and what we especially loved about "brownies" is their giving back philosophy. So we named our company "FAIRYTALE BROWNIES" knowing that our helpful Fairytale Brownie would come in and help us bake and spread joy to all our customers when they indulged and shared our treats. So we put the brownie definition on our first business cards back in 1992. These cards were also handmade and with both our names since we were professional bootstrappers.

First Business Card

Then as we were growing our brand to become the best brownie company, we removed the definition and replaced it with the FAIRYTALE BROWNIES LEGEND and in our signature Fairytale purple. Also our trademark now adorned the card, so proud.

The growing and branding continued, so we decided to acquire (602) BROWNIE then (800) FAIRYTALE. Also, I got married in 1995 going from Shrout to Spitalny so you can see I did that hypehnated thing for a bit. 


Then we began to update our logo; so this is our in between business card and BROWNIES.COM is proudly displayed! And last but not least my current card.


These cards bring back so many memories, especially the pride in knowing that . . . everyone ate happily ever after!

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