My Fairytale Farewell

Fairytale Brownies Catalog & Web Team in New OrleansAfter seven amazing years, my Fairytale Brownies story is ending. I will never forget when I first walked through the door, a young new college graduate from Indiana with little idea of how rich and fulfilling my life in Arizona would become. I have always loved to bake, so the prospect of working for a company that makes gourmet brownies was amazing to me. I quickly found that, aside from baking the best brownies I've ever had and shipping gourmet brownie gifts all over the world, Fairytale Brownies is full of good people. 

In the past seven years, I have gotten married, obtained a master's degree, bought a home, had a beautiful daughter, and now am preparing to return home to Indiana with my family for new adventures. Through it all, the people of Fairytale Brownies have been there. I celebrated my bachelorette party and web designer Hilary's (second from the right) wedding with my Fairytale friends, and graphic designer Erin (far right) and I both welcomed babies in 2011 with showers full of the wonderful women from work. Working at Fairytale Brownies has been like joining a family for me. I've made friends that I plan to keep in touch with for many years to come, as we've been through so much together through the years that I can't imagine life without them in it.

Fairytale Brownies Team 2013

I am so grateful to David and Eileen for creating a company around something so universally uplifting, with the stated goal of spreading joy. How many people can say they sell delicious fudge brownies for a living, or that their mission at work is to spread joy? Not enough. I am proud to have helped the company achieve 10 million dollars in sales of brownie gifts last year, a big goal that we've been dreaming about since I started here. I am prouder still to feel I have contributed in some small way to the success of such a wonderful company.

It has been a joy and an honor to be part of the Fairytale family for so long, and while I am excited for the adventures that await me, I will be sad to walk out the door tomorrow for the last time. Thank you David, Eileen and the rest of the Fairytale team for helping me learn, grow and have more fun than I ever imagined I would in my first "real" job. 




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