National Playground Safety Week Conjures Fun Times On The Safety Swing

I remember playing on the swing set in my uncle's yard with my two sisters. Because I was the youngest, I had to use the swing with "safety" seat so I wouldn't fall out. This seat was wooden with a sliding bar that often stuck when you were trying to get in or out of it.

kaboom, buy brownies onlineAs some children do, my sisters liked to swing as high as they could, and then jump off into the air. Such thrill seekers they were! I wanted to be one, too.

The girls jumped off their swings many times, and as they did, two of the metal poles of the swing set would come out of the ground. Each time I saw this, I would worry that we were going to tip over. My sisters reassured me that EVERY swing set did this... I was such a baby.

Then my sisters took one final swing and one final leap. Of course, the swing set tipped over with me still sitting in my safety seat. I'm sure they were thankful they weren't the ones imprisoned on the ground with an overturned swing set collapsed around them. They were concerned I wasn't hurt. I was fine.

This week is National Playground Safety Week and this is your reminder: Always be safe on the playground!

Fairytale Brownies believes that play is important in a child's life. We have been partners with the national nonprofit KaBOOM! since 2001, helping provide a safe place to play for every child in America.

Our customers share this goal as well. When they buy brownies online, they can add a donation to KaBOOM! at checkout. At the end of the year, Fairytale Brownies will match every dollar donated, up to $5,000. We happy to report that we sent a check for $14,768.96 to KaBOOM! for 2014.

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Fairytale Brownies, Aerotek, KaBOOM! and 200 volunteers built a playground for the students at Children First Academy - Tempe on April 29, 2011.

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