New Baby Brownie & Cookie Gift Baskets

My brother and sister-in-law recently added a new addition to our family, my nephew Ryan! They had been trying to have kids for quite a while, and started wondering if it was in the "grand plan" for them. So when Ryan finally arrived, it was such a happy occasion for the family. They didn't have any children previously, so they needed lots of "stuff"; everything a newborn baby would need.

The family rallied, and got them mostly everything they needed for Ryan. One thing they weren't prepared for however, were the late late nights, and lack of sleep. That's where I came in!

I sent an abundance of fudgy brownies and chewy cookies to the new parents to help sustain them trough those long, late night feedings. Now that Ryan is almost 6 months old, he's finally sleeping through the night, but that doesn't mean that the craving for gourmet snacks has left the building :)  I'm their link to the best brownie & cookie treats, and I'm happy to send them over whenever they call.

Do you know someone that has a new addition to their family? Send a truly unique gift of gourmet brownies and cookies to the new parents, they'll appreciate the gesture, I promise! Try a Welcome New Baby Brownie or Cookie gift from Fairytale Brownies. It's a chocolate indulgence the new parents will love. ~Hilary


New Baby Brownie & Cookie Gift Baskets



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