New Twists on Easter Traditions: Send a Brownie Basket

It is almost time for Easter again, and this year is going to be a pretty quiet one for my family. There will only be a few of us, and no one younger than eighteen. So does this mean no Easter baskets, or Easter egg hunts, or other childlike festivities? Of course not! I've listed some ideas on how to add a little sophistication to some of those old Easter traditions.


1. The Easter Basket

Give or send a brownie basket from Fairytale Brownies instead. You and your recipients will still be able to indulge in treats, but with something a little more sophisticated and a lot more delicious than those sugary Peeps. The brownie gifts come hand wrapped with a festive Happy Easter Band. Visit to see the variety of gifts you can choose from. I recommend the Easter Morsel 24. These bite-size brownies make a nice treat to share.


2. Decorating Eggs

As much fun as those colorful dyes can be, here is an alternate idea for decorating your eggs using red onions and vinegar for your dye. 

3. The Easter Egg Hunt

This is probably one of the most well known activities during Easter, but it is typically more fun when there are kids around to do the searching. 

Instead try playing Easter-egg Bocce Ball. Give each participant a colored hard boiled egg and place a white one in the grass. Take turns rolling the colored eggs to the white one. See who can get their egg closest to the white one without touching it and without breaking their own egg. Try it with raw eggs for some real fun!



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