Order brownies in Fairytale's new classic gift box

We all were so excited at Fairytale Brownies today. Our new classic gift boxes arrived and they are just beautiful!

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Soon, when you order brownies from Fairytale, your classic gifts will arrive in the familiar brown box, but instead of the box being lined with purple tissue paper, a purple-starred flap and a silver and brown button enclosure with wishes of "Enjoy" will cover the gift.

order brownies, gourmet brownies

The new flap makes it easy to open and re-close the box  - in case you don't eat all of your gourmet brownies in one sitting.

Customers who purchase Fairytale classic gifts such as the Fairytale Dozen, Fairytale Medley, or Bar & Sprite Combo, will  soon discover our new box for themselves. Of course, we need to use up our old-style boxes first, so don't be disappointed if you don't experience the new box right away.

Be patient. It's coming.

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