Order brownies to hold you over until raspberry season

Summertime is the start of raspberry season in the United States! We’ll see fresh domestic raspberries on store shelves in the coming weeks and the summer harvest will last through August. A second harvest will follow in the fall. raspberry swirl gourmet brownie

With Fairytale Brownies, you can always order brownies featuring delicious raspberry flavor.

Our Raspberry Swirl Brownies include a lively raspberry puree twisting through silky chocolate batter. And our Raspberry White Chocolate Bars feature a swirl of raspberry puree and white chocolate chips to create an elegant and refined taste. Either makes an ideal business gift or care package.

Courtesy of the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center and the Washington Red Raspberry Commission, here are a few fun facts about one of our favorite summertime fruits …

  • The average American eats .27 pounds of fresh raspberries per year, making them our third most popular berry behind strawberries and blueberries.
  • Although the U.S. is the world’s third-largest producer of raspberries, we also import raspberries from Mexico and Canada during the off-season.
  • Washington leads all states in raspberry production at over 70 million pounds per year.  That’s a crop valued at over $50 million!
  • Berries are increasingly viewed as having an impact against the diseases of aging including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and age-related mental decline.

That last fact seems like the perfect reason to pick up a carton of fresh raspberries when the season commences this summer. And if you can’t wait, order brownies with delicious raspberry flavor from Fairytale Brownies. Good for personal consumption. Or good for business gifts or care packages.

Check out our Raspberry Swirl Brownies and Raspberry White Chocolate Bars today!

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