Order Brownies with a discount!

With summer coming to an end and the seasons changing. So begins the holiday season at Fairytale Brownies the best brownie company in the world! So many things changing in preperation for the season.

For starters, the weather is cooling off and that ends our summer shipping rates which means when you order brownies, say good bye to hot weather ice packs and insulation, and say hello to saving money on gourmet brownies! No more summer shipping rates means that saves you $3 on shipping per recipient!!!

Also, I just got word that our Fall gifts sale is ending today along with early order discounts of 15% off. But Halloween brownie gifts will remain on sale (Halloween Dozen pictured left: Regularly $37.90  Now $34.10) and we'll be replacing the fall gifts with other delicious brownie gifts, so keep your eyes peeled for more brownies deals! Here is a link to our sale page for a complete list of brownie and cookie gifts at great prices www.brownies.com/search/0/27/sale/sale.aspx. 

One last tip for you bargain shoppers looking for a good deal on gourmet brownies. Did you know you can get a 15% discount when you buy brownies if you're a AAA member? Order a minimum of $35 dollars in fugdy chocolate brownie gifts from brownies.com, and use the priority code AAA10 at checkout and VOILA!! Intsant savings of 15% on your order!!!

Stay tuned to my brownie bag blog for more tips and updates on saving and ordering gourmet brownies online!! ~ Tony

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